Moises Solis, Founder and CEO, Create InterestMoises Solis, Founder and CEO
Effective corporate training is the direct route to lasting success for organizations. In the modern, hyper-competitive age, training does wonders for organizations and their leaders, helping them become agile and adaptive. When executed correctly, corporate training with tangible metrics to measure results can turn into a stepping stone to greater productivity, reduced staff turnover, and improved customer loyalty.

CreateINterest is at the forefront of enhancing the effectiveness of corporate teams and facilitating business growth with interactive, customized, and impactful training plans.

It empowers leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for improving performance, with a strategic focus on sales, team member engagement, customer service, process improvement, and other management skills. The company offers its training solutions in the form of live, onsite workshops and online courses.

“We partner with organizations to move their performance needle in the right direction,” says Moises Solis, founder and CEO of CreateINterest. “We engage with leadership teams by synchronously studying their vision, language, and direction to develop, manage, and deliver training programs that precisely align with their needs and produce tangible results.”

Clients come to CreateINterest with a variety of challenges, such as low employee retention, slow sales growth, or under performance by teams. All stem from the absence of a true learning roadmap that focuses on training and its execution. There is a significant gap between execution and business growth - and developing managers’ skills is key.

CreateINterest provides competency-based training by identifying clients’ challenges and needs at each level of management so that they can help their teams progress toward their goals.

For instance, at lower management levels, CreateINterest provides specific training programs to help leaders focus on communicating with and motivating their team members. At the next level, managers are enabled to create a better strategy and master the basics of team alignment. At a higher level, the team helps them set a strong vision and goals to ensure employees move in the right direction.

SADE and TREAT—CreateINterest’s Success Ingredients

To deliver its valuable training solutions, CreateINterest uses two in-house methodologies, the SADE (strategy, alignment, development, execution) model and the TREAT (Techniquedriven training, Reflective on the lesson, Experiential learning, Applicable to the job, and Tested for proficiency) learning methodology.

Its managerial training curriculum is based on the principles of SADE, as specified in the book, The SADE Operational Model. This book serves as the basis for defining strategy, employee engagement, and execution, SADE drives it all.

CreateINterest starts with a 90-minute discovery session with a client’s leadership team to understand their training goals and objectives. This free pre-assessment identifies the client’s current key performance indicators (KPI) in their progression toward organizational transformation. In most cases, the KPIs are either based on sales or service.

With a clear understanding of the client’s culture, KPIs, and long-term vision, the gaps that stall their growth are discovered. The team articulates its findings to the client and explains how its custom training program can tackle the issues and enhance employee competencies.

Managers have access to the customized competencies in an online table of contents they can view in an interactive tree format. They can choose topics relevant to them, such as leadership, management coaching, employee morale, and teamwork.

Once the training program is strategized and developed, CreateINterest leverages TREAT to provide in-classroom coaching. Expert facilitators demonstrate the technique and help trainees assimilate the lessons for practical applications while engaging them in hands-on learning experiences. The customized lessons can be applied to day-to-day work activities. As the final step, CreateINterest uses KPIs to measure training effectiveness during and after the training, comparing it to benchmarks measured prior to training.

Through TREAT, CreateINterest also delivers compliance training. Various risk factors and their relevance in working environments are explained to ensure training sessions are interactive and experiential.

To ensure the training is truly successful, CreateINterest enables learners to retain and reflect on what they’ve learned. Managers are taught how to hold performance meetings, and are evaluated based on what was taught in training sessions. Whether it is supervisors at a FIRST TRANSIT city bus service or team leaders in corporate companies, Create Interest helps trainees apply their learning and realize desired outcomes.

“Through our courses, we ensure trainees strengthen their commitment to take away important practical knowledge and execute them in the moment of truth,” says Solis.
  • We engage with leadership teams by synchronously studying their vision, language, and direction to develop, manage, and deliver training programs that precisely align with their needs, and produce tangible results

CreateINterest also executes a “learning agreement” between training program participants and their supervisors. By signing the agreement, participants are committed to practice their newly learned lessons. Clients are offered all the support they need throughout the partnership, and have expressed great appreciation for it.

Ensuring Continued Growth through Practical Application

CreateINterest’s training solutions have been instrumental in helping clients take work performance to the next level. One of its clients, Speech Improvement Center—a Los Angeles-based private practice—was struggling for more than six months to retain employees. CreateINterest stepped in and discovered the areas that needed reinforcement in order to boost employee retention and accelerate organizational growth.

By creating and implementing a performance-based learning structure that focuses on customer service, teamwork, business growth, and reinvestment, the competencies managers need to help employees grow were identified. Employees were able to see a good future in the organization, with the ability to continue learning and improve themselves.

As a result, Speech Improvement Center increased their retention rate from 33 to 77 percent. They grew from seven centers to a current 27, while witnessing significant improvement in performance and customer service scores.

On another occasion, CreateINterest partnered with First Transit, Inc, a leading provider of public transportation contracting and management services. First transit reported 70 percent of new hires were leaving the organization in the first 6 months and they calculated that each employee loss was costing them an average of $4,800. The client was looking for methods to improve employee retention and engagement and enhance customer service by delivering training programs that include interactive learning and employee service engagement.

CreateINterest provided the client with effective teambuilding training to improve employee motivation through recognition programs and team collaboration. It designed and delivered training modules for exceeding customer expectations using experiential learning methods, real-life scenario simulations, and traditional instructor-led training. CreateINterest provided guidelines to make a memorable, interactive orientation to help new employees succeed in their career. It also built pre- and post-training assessments and surveys track employees’ training progress, needed skills, sense of belonging, and morale. As a result, First Transitwitnessed 35 percent increase in overall retention, 70 percent increase in new hire retention, and 25 percent increase in Metro Customer Service Score. In addition,90 percent of managers surveyed reported First Transit to be “a more engaged workplace.”

Randy Hendrickson, General Manager, First Transit, says,“By building a culture of belonging, employees feel more at home in the workplace emotionally and culturally and they’re more likely to stay. CreateINterest’s interactive approach to customer service training was precisely what we were looking for to increase employee engagement and morale.”

Powered by such success stories, CreateINterest makes a lasting impact on client learning journeys. In addition to the SADE-OLOGY management assessment, it focuses on developing budding leaders through its servant leadership assessment, which evaluates how well managers can serve team members, shape them as leaders, and in turn, create more star leaders. CreateINterest also brings its coaching assessment programs for leaders who are good managers but need to learn how to be coaches.

Through our courses, we ensure trainees strengthen their commitment to take away important practical knowledge and execute them in the moment of truth

“Our clients’ expectations and requirements shape our offerings and drive us forward,” Solis says. Driving continual business success, CreateINterest is planning on providing online refresher courses for 90 days from the day of training completion so that learners can revisit the training curriculum and brush up on their lessons. These refresher courses feature videos, which provide supplementary support to reinforce training and development.

With the core values of entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm, integrity, and determination embedded in its offerings, CreateINterest is well-positioned to deliver real, sustainable results.