Simon Wan, Chief Executive Officer, Cornerstone ChinaSimon Wan, Chief Executive Officer
The right talent can catapult a business forward. For any organization, its people are the defining factors for every achievement that they make. Be the productivity levels, revenue, profits or turnover, customer services excellence, it is the employees whose major contribution drives in achieving the business goals. Hence it must be the key agenda of the companies to have the best talent on board. Failing to find the right people or losing out on the senior talent or experienced industry specialists, can be a major disadvantage. However, finding and securing suitable candidates can be a difficult task—the reason why businesses are increasingly inclining towards partnering with executive search firms to optimize and assure the best possible hiring outcome.

This is where Cornerstone China comes into play, matching the right individual to the right company with their executive search capabilities and helps build a robust and long-term relationship. They are one of the leading Executive Search firms offering services across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Founded as Cornerstone in 1989 that functioned globally, in 1995 it laid foundational stones in China, after which it gained prolific credibility as a researchbased executive search consultancy in mainland China and Asia, assisting clients in finding the right leadership talent they require to strengthen and grow their business.

Cornerstone China offers excellent quality and service for executive search, helping companies build their leadership teams. They are a leading organization, specializing in Retained Executive Search. For this, Cornerstone deploys its Five-Star Executive Search. It begins with ‘Definition,’ which includes a detailed diagnosis, plan, and position specification to help everyone understand the tasks. This is followed by ‘Research’ that deals with the search and sourcing of talent. Their offices maintain databases of pre-researched candidates and passive candidates who might be interested in working under their organizations. While Researching, Cornerstone also studies the perceptions of their clients as an employer to determine how well the potential candidate can fit within their organization. Following this, potential candidates are interviewed and prescreened before their actual interview with the client for ‘Recruitment.’ This significantly cuts down the client’s time and effort as they have to select from an already shortlisted group. In the ‘Selection’ stage, the interview format is decided, and references are checked. The final stage deals with ‘Hiring’ where Cornerstone, on the client’s request, negotiates, drafts offer letter and follows-up, post the hiring.

Though it is crucial to search and hire the right executives, it is equally important to coach them to develop themselves in their job roles. Addressing this requirement, Cornerstone China presents its reputed services for Executive Coaching and Development. The organization is backed by International Coach Federation accredited coaches and exceptional organizational effectiveness consultants with rich experience that helps them to deliver personalized corporate coaching for managers and executives in and beyond China. They also offer on-site Coaching on Demand for managers who require guidance for an effective performance management process.

What gives Cornerstone China an edge in the industry is their team approach, where the consultants work shoulder-toshoulder with the client’s team, understand their requirements, and help them achieve the objectives. Besides, a senior consultant leads each assignment and offers a personalized level of communication, service, and advice. Cornerstone China also focuses on candidate care to ensure that the clients receive the required support throughout and monitor the candidate credentials and capabilities to guarantee that they are offered what they deserve.
  • Cornerstone China offers excellent quality and service for executive search, helping companies build their leadership teams.

Over the years, Cornerstone China has been supporting major businesses in building and strengthening their leadership capabilities. Each individual enters a long-term relationship with the consultancy, be it a client, source of information, or a candidate. Today, they expanse across the largest cities of China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Suzhou, and in the Taipei city of Chinese Taiwan. Their caliber and expertise in the industry have facilitated both organizations and individua