Don Goldberg, Founder & CEO, ConsultNetDon Goldberg, Founder & CEO
Sophisticated business leaders understand that in today’s environment, talent is a competitive advantage. To attain and retain this advantage, companies are continually looking for ways to source and hire skilled workers. These activities are not without their challenges however, especially in the IT and engineering sectors. Here much of the work is project-oriented and many skills are only needed during certain phases of the development cycle. Add to this the fact that the demand for skilled technologists and engineers in the U.S. is outpacing the supply and you can see why CIOs and their hiring managers are looking for help. Too often though, those vendors offering technical and engineering talent are focused simply on the transactional aspects filling requisitions. It was in contrast to this approach that ConsultNet was created.
ConsultNet was founded by Don Goldberg, a Massachusetts native who moved to Utah with his family in the mid-1990s. Once there, Don soon realized that that the well-educated and thriving Salt Lake City area business community was underserviced when it came to technology consulting and staffing providers. A natural entrepreneur, Don decided to capitalize on the opportunity by creating a company to serve the local need for skilled technical talent.

The Staff take a consultative approach to working with customers and first build an understanding of a client’s strategic objectives before addressing tactical requirements

From its inception, ConsultNet placed a strong emphasis on core values and “doing right.” Don wanted an organization that distinguished itself not just with experience and expertise, but also by the way it respected clients, consultants, and community alike. “We consciously applied this philosophy to the way we engage our clients- as true business partners with shared goals and objectives” notes Don. The Staff take a consultative approach to working with customers and first build an understanding of a client’s strategic objectives before addressing tactical requirements. “This approach leads to higher quality placements and better outcomes overall” Don stated.
The company’s guiding principles have served it well and ConsultNet has enjoyed steady growth and expansion since its inception. ConsultNet is active in 35 states, and has offices in Utah, California, and New York.
In 2002, ConsultNet was selected as a primary provider of IT services to the Winter Olympics. In 2014, the company was recognized by TechServe Alliance as an inaugural recipient of the organization’s Excellence Award.
ConsultNet utilizes the most advanced technologies and services available to it to identify trends in the labour market, and to manage its recruiting, fulfilment, compliance, and project management activities. The company is careful not to rely solely on technology and retains a human element to its transactions. While technologies facilitate efficient and effective operations, human involvement in these processes ensures that clients and consultants receive the individualized attention and respect they deserve.
ConsultNet also has a very forward-thinking approach to its business. In response to the highly dynamic nature of the technology landscape, the company created CN labs, an internal R&D group that is focused on researching various market trends and opportunities where technology and human capital intersect. “CN Labs helps us understand where the ‘next big thing’ might come from. We use it to test new ideas and to develop new services and products for our clients and consultants in ways our competitors aren’t even thinking of yet” explains Don.
Over the past sixteen years ConsultNet has built a clientele that include some of the most recognized names in the country along with some of the most innovative new players. The company is now expanding its horizons with a national marketing campaign and the launch of new products such as Teknē Retained Search, a Manhattan-based offering. For ConsultNet, they’re doing well by doing right.