Ritchie Tendencia, CEO and Founder, Consult Silicon ValleyRitchie Tendencia, CEO and Founder
Consult Silicon Valley is a boutique staffing firm that sources high-caliber candidate profiles for clients to meet growing talent needs. Its goal is to be a trusted partner that helps firms deploy the right resources to tackle their organizational challenges. Consult Silicon Valley offers clients its service in three easy steps: setting expectations, developing an action plan, and executing the plan. Its key services include direct staff hiring, short-term staffing, contract-to-hire, workforce planning, and executive search. In an exclusive interview with Manage HR,

Ritchie Tendencia, CEO and founder of Consult Silicon Valley, shares his thoughts on the challenges in the market when hiring top talent and how the services provided by Consult Silicon Valley make the firm a premier talent acquisition partner.

A Competitive Edge in the Workforce Management Arena

Our clients are industry professionals with a wide range of experience, scaling from early-stage startups through post-IPO growth firms. We partner with them and work as their team’s extension to ensure we meet their hiring and talent needs.

Numerous companies in this space focus solely on increasing the number of hires without interpreting the organization’s exact requirements. We differ from these agencies by being a business partner to our clients, educating and helping them with market research. Rather than focusing on the numbers, we interpret their organizational requirements and try to understand whether the data is accurate or needs improvement. Together with our clients, we create an effective strategy to help them reach milestones using data-driven approaches.

As all our clients are at different stages in their businesses, we create customized approaches for each client while providing a solution that works best for their business.

Current Trends in the Marketplace

The economic deceleration has slowed down the hiring process across the tech industry in the last few months. Despite being a challenge, it has helped companies prioritize their hiring to be more strategic.

In the past, companies focused purely on hiring forecasts to reach a goal by the next month or year. Currently, the mindset has shifted, and many companies are restructuring and reducing their workforce by an average of 20 percent. The goal today is to continue hiring with an emphasis on business-critical positions.

An Approach for a Long-lasting Relationship

We pride ourselves on being high-caliber industry professionals who can do anything from start to finish. Whether the client is an early-stage startup, has recently gone public, or experiencing a new phase of growth post-IPO, we have the knowledge and experience to assist them through all their business milestones. We also help clients understand their candidate requirements and the benefits they bring to the organization.
  • We partner with our clients and work as extensions of their internal organization to ensure that we meet their hiring and talent needs

The process we adopt for our clients is the same regardless of their organizational scale. We set up meetings with owners to identify their business needs and challenges. We then create a strategic approach and perform a high-priority executive search to find the right person who can drive the company forward. This approach helps our clients save the time and money they would otherwise spend interviewing the wrong candidates.

Quality over quantity: A case study

A mobile application company approached us to ramp up hiring for their engineering team and reduce the cost of third-party contingency search agencies. Upon partnering with them, we identified exceptional candidate profiles while educating the business on current market trends in talent acquisition. We reduced the contingency search fees, saving the company over a quarter million dollars. Within the next five months, we had 22 offers lined up, which led to 8 hires. Among these hires, 12 percent were diverse candidates, more than 50 percent of the offers were sourced by CSV Now, and the rest were distributed via applications and referrals. During our five months working together, we made significant progress on their hiring goals, competing among FAANG companies at a time when hiring top engineers was highly challenging.