Mila Trezza, Executive Coach (ICF ACC) and Founder , Coaching Lawyers by Mila TrezzaMila Trezza, Executive Coach (ICF ACC) and Founder
Modern-day businesses need great leaders to achieve ambitious targets, build confident teams, and act as a reliable source of guidance at potential crossroads. However, not everyone has innate leadership capabilities, and as a result, they must undergo training and education that demands dedication and a growth mindset, as well as cultivate emotional intelligence. This is crucial for lawyers in leadership roles who often receive little training to become effective leaders and positively impact the organizations they serve. They must learn to take the edge off emotional stressors and step back from the loop of self-doubt to navigate challenging situations using relational intelligence and take businesses to success.

That’s where Coaching Lawyers can help.

A fast-growing, women-owned executive coaching and personal development firm, Coaching Lawyers specializes in providing unrivaled leadership development coaching to in-house lawyers and legal teams. A brainchild of Mila Trezza, a former General Counsel and legal scholar with over 20 years of experience in recruiting, leading, and developing high-performing legal teams, it’s ideally positioned to help legal talent enhance leadership capabilities, navigate challenging situations, and drive success. Coupled with her ICF and IECL certification and hands-on experience in leadership development, it provides ample support and guidance for lawyers to develop skills irrespective of their seniority.

Giving Coaching Lawyers an edge over the competition is its ability to adopt a pragmatic approach to leadership based on an inside-out understanding of the legal profession. This ideally helps to build comprehensive programs that improve lawyers’ confidence, emotional agility, and leadership skills.

“We believe an in-house legal team is key for the sustainable growth of any organization. Yet, none of the training and education programs prepares lawyers to develop people skills, navigate organizational culture, promote cross-silos collaboration, and enhance leadership skills,” says Trezza.

Dedicated to changing this status quo, Coaching Lawyers embraces an “ask and learn” approach to offering transformative leadership experiences. This proactive analysis at the heart of its operations allows for better identifying and resolving the blocks that prevent them from exhibiting the best results. The firm strives to deliver the best outcomes and adopts a client-first approach while collaborating. Providing one-on-one and team coaching, Coaching Lawyers eliminates misunderstandings and brings a clear vision to leaders.

A typical client engagement at Coaching Lawyers begins with its team identifying each lawyer’s needs and challenges. It leverages a unique three-pronged approach to help clients meet their requirements; untangling challenges, exploring opportunities, and achieving goals. Since lawyers prefer bespoke language on the grounds of discipline and decorum, it abides by a roadmap of finding goals and understanding their weaknesses to guide them in developing emotional agility. Instead of surviving and coping with fixed agendas, the Coaching Lawyers method helps lawyers to leverage on their unique skills as legal professionals and enjoy the opportunities that come with new roles.

We believe an in-house legal team is key for the sustainable growth of any organization

Coaching Lawyers’ excellence can be best exemplified by its recent collaboration with a senior client struggling to find the right job after a long career break. The delay in finding the right job at the desired location was weighing her down. She was de-motivated, lacked confidence, and was going back and forth in making a decision. Coaching Lawyers worked with her to develop a strength-based mindset and a clear vision for stepping up to the next level. Using its well-rounded service offering, Coaching Lawyers helped her to move with confidence, focus and strategy to a new successful role.

Successes like these stand testament to its ability to provide an inside-out understanding of the legal industry and the skills needed alongside legal expertise. Guaranteeing well-rounded assistance to lawyers in need, Coaching Lawyers offers room for a better understanding of their problems, helping them to see things from a different perspective and achieve what at first seems unattainable outcomes.

For the road ahead, Coaching Lawyers aims to establish itself as a go-to name in the coaching space to help more lawyers become successful leaders.