Dianna Sheppard, CEO, CloudMillsDianna Sheppard, CEO
“Creating a single source of truth in today’s global HR environment is paramount,” begins Dianna Sheppard, CEO of CloudMills. Having been in the trenches of human resources for over three decades, Dianna has firsthand experience of using multiple applications for various tasks such as recruitment, administration and payroll, training, and talent management. It was extremely difficult to connect all these applications together to guarantee consistency of HR data. The consultants hired for each API were charging by the hour, accessing data became time-consuming, there was a lack of clarity on business patterns to take corrective actions, all of which resulted in the decline of business performance. To solve the root cause of all these problems, “We developed an application integration platform that enables organizations to work with best-of-breed applications while setting the integration challenges aside,” says Dianna. Her vision to help organizations connect all the applications resonates with CloudMills’ services, which include expertise and end-to-end support throughout the integration process to ensure quick and successful results.

Dianna finds that, the majority of the companies in the HR space are not willing or do not have resources to own the integration between different systems. CloudMills’ specialization is in connecting applications together without huge investments in integration systems and IT involvement. Whether it’s API, CSV files, web services, or proprietary interface, organizations can manage and maintain all the applications seamlessly using CloudMills’ iPaaS platform. By operating the platform within powerful and secure service-oriented architecture, the company ensures speed, security, quality, and rapid integration and implementation of services.

With the CloudMills’ application integration platform, enterprises can efficiently synchronize, transform, extract, update, and add data between applications. Users can apply logic based on fixed or variable information, execute dynamic event scheduling, and generate alerts. “Leveraging highly integrated service modules, CloudMills’ platform meet every need of the customers ranging from very large-scale complexity to the simplest of integrations,” states Dianna.
As the first step of their integration process, CloudMills’ highly skilled team walks through the client’s current HR operational processes, business rules, transactional data, and understands their pain points to come up with solutions that are scalable and sustainable. Subsequently, they move to the exception handling process, where they pull the metadata from and perform the data mapping exercise. “Whenever a user updates employee-related data in one of the HR systems, our platform will translate and reflect the change in all systems,” says Dianna. We no longer speak in terms of “system of record” but in terms on “system of entry”. The correct question is “where is the data elements system of entry” and you follow that trail.

Leveraging highly integrated service modules, CloudMills’ platform meets every need of the customer ranging from very large-scale complexity to the simplistic integration

To elaborate more on their value proposition, Dianna cites a scenario where they helped a client integrate multiple HR applications together without the involvement of IT. The client was using an applicant tracking system to share the information regarding background checks of the employees as they had several lines of business. This process was not only tedious and time-consuming but also presented a great challenge to synchronize employee-centric information. By partnering with CloudMills, the client was able to convey the logic for hires, and internal transfers efficiently. The information updated by HR and IT teams in any system was automatically detected by CloudMills platform and consistently shared with all the other systems.

The team at CloudMills believes in constant innovation and customer delight. Guided by their vast understanding of the industry and customer needs, CloudMills is always working on new integration strategies within the HR space to help clients achieve superior business outcomes.