Kelly Broderick Managing Director, CleanworksKelly Broderick Managing Director
Each business has the same objective to earn a profit and maintain a comfortable and safe working environment for all employees and customers in the challenging times in which we live. The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed elevated the importance of cleaning and sanitizing commercial premises especially now as more establishments gradually resume operations. To effectively prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it is vital to adopt a rigorous cleaning strategy best suited to your worksite. Sanitizing high-contact surfaces regularly has become critical, and routine sanitization is necessary to decrease the risk of infection. However, each establishment has its unique sanitation requirements, and only a few people are adequately trained to cope with the pandemic’s problems, as well as other cleaning issues that may surface even if the pandemic had not been there.

Furthermore, company owners are continuously tasked with locating competent work employees that can manage all of the shifting needs, as well as obtaining equipment for cleaners to use in order to ensure employee safety. There is always a need to restock all cleaning supplies, as well as the chore of keeping track of what has to be restocked when. This is where Cleanworks’ expertise and ability to tailor services to accommodate the needs of the customer is beneficial.

Cleanworks has carved a niche in the industry by delivering an excellent quality of cleaning that is dependable, efficient, and personalized to the specific demands of each customer. The Brisbane-based company primarily serves offices, industrial sites, schools, and elderly care homes, but it also serves the requirements of enterprises and major organizations of all sizes on a regular basis.

Working with Cleanworks relieves businesses of the burden of hiring, training, rostering, and managing the pay, insurance, superannuation, holidays,
and sick leave of employees. It also means that clients won’t have to worry about the caliber of the clean, cleaning equipment and supplies available, what will happen if the usual cleaner is sick, or how to address an emergency or increase in the routine cleaning requirements on short notice.

The company also eliminates the burden of purchasing items and replenishing lavatory supplies, with the objective of making inventory management and additional services as seamless as possible. With a large selection of supplies offered at reasonable prices, clients can save not only time but also money. Cleansworks supplies and services everything from bin liners to sanitary receptacles.

Cleanworks takes pride in offering a high-quality, no-compromise service that assures clients don’t have to worry about the sanitation or cleanliness of their workplace. To keep a business looking its best, a broad network of cleaning specialists is available to assist with a wide range of specialized cleaning operations. Cleanworks promises to help with any type of cleaning the client requires, whether it’s steam cleaning carpet and upholstery, pressure cleaning paths, car parks, and other concrete surfaces, stripping and resurfacing floors, cleaning tall windows and glass, restoring wet areas with tile and grout cleaning, providing pest control, or exit cleans.
  • Cleanworks takes pride in offering a high-quality, no-compromise service that assures clients don’t have to worry about the sanitation or cleanliness of their workplace.

Cleanworks ensures quality and undertakes frequent site and individual performance evaluations to detect and rectify employees’ behavior shortcomings. Even after applying stringent hiring criteria, the company requires all candidates to complete an in-house training to guarantee that the cleaners are following best practices and adhering to Cleanworks standards in all areas of work. The award-winning commercial cleaning company not only offers cleaning services for commercial businesses and institutions but also offers one-of-a-kind cleaning services aimed at addressing all of the challenges faced by elderly health care facilities. The firm strives to be the best by delivering a service that is distinguished by exceptional responsiveness and customer care, consistent and transparent quality control methods, and the continuous pursuit of opportunities to enhance outcomes and thus save money for customers.

The company has been on a journey of business growth and progress for the last few years now. The company has recently been awarded ISO 45001:2018 certification demonstrating that they are unquestionably trustworthy in the commercial cleaning industry.