Todd Christopher, Director, Finance, Clean MethodTodd Christopher, Director, Finance
The commercial sanitation landscape has undergone significant changes recently, with traditional services no longer making the cut. Consumers are seeking reassurance that the places where they eat, work, and shop are completely germ-free. A disinfection and sanitization partner that leverages modern products and techniques is instrumental in keeping facilities clean and safe by meeting their distinct requirements.

This puts Clean Method, a top-rated commercial cleaning company, in the limelight.

A family-owned, non-franchise company, Clean Method has carved a unique niche in the disinfection and sanitization space by helping businesses protect the health and wellness of employees and visitors with deep cleaning services. Its services are purposefully designed to meet the sanitization requirements of a diverse clientele that includes data centers, healthcare facilities, fitness and recreation centers, apartment complexes, and restaurants across the Mid-Atlantic.

“Clean Method was one of the first companies to offer advanced, non-touch sanitization services in the industry. Having invested in electrostatic disinfection and fogging equipment even before the pandemic, we are equipped to cater to the changing requirements of our customers,” says Todd Christopher, director of finance at Clean Method.

Its range of commercial cleaning services includes electrostatic disinfection, recurring janitorial services, day porter support services, and carpet and floor cleaning. Its services cover everything from traditional any-time-of-the-day cleanups to targeted cleaning for high-touch surfaces. Through its electrostatic disinfection and fogging services, the team helps eradicate germs, viruses, and dirt with vaporizing disinfectants and by sanitizing surfaces.

To deliver services efficiently, Clean Method partners with clients to understand their challenges and recommend the most effective methods to fulfill them. Each project begins with an on-site meeting with the client and a tour to determine the exact services they need.

Maintaining consistency of services is a top priority at Clean Method. Unlike its competitors, which often assign different cleaning technicians to a single project, it sends out the same core team assigned to each location. The consistency of cleaning teams assigned to each project means technicians understand the nuances associated with each facility and ensure the quality of services never wavers.

By supporting its cleaning technicians at every step, Clean Method has retained employees that have been a part of its team since its inception. Its expertise in industry-specific sanitization services stems from its professionals with niche skill sets. For instance, its team consists of former fitness industry and data center experts who understand the requirements of clients in those fields.
  • Having invested in electrostatic disinfection and fogging equipment even before the pandemic, we are equipped to cater to the changing requirements of our customers.

Clean Method’s high customer retention rate is a testament to its problem-solving ability. Despite the evolving challenges faced by clients over the years, the team has always stayed on top of industry trends and pivoted its methods to address their requirements in a timely manner. It ensures 360-degree cleaning, even for facilities that have multiple pieces of equipment, furniture, and fixtures.

Clean Method continues to invest in the latest technologies to deliver best-in-class sanitization services. It has built strong partnerships with chemical vendors to stay updated on the latest products on the market. This equips it with a full suite of chemicals, tools, and techniques to customize approaches for every client, from recreational centers to biomedical facilities.

Currently, it is exploring the use of robotics to perform exterior window cleaning at high-rise buildings to maintain occupants’ privacy and guarantee employee safety.

“Over the years, we have emerged as a force in the Mid-Atlantic region. As our customers expand their facilities and add new properties, we broaden our reach. We grow with our clients and deliver exceptional disinfection services now and in the future,” says Christopher.