Denny Wilson, CEO, CertiPayDenny Wilson, CEO
In the thick of the cut-throat global competition, efficient management of staff—every company’s greatest asset—plays a crucial role in attaining their unique organizational goals. This reality has propelled organizations to remold their existing HR solutions to fend away the cloud of workforce inefficiencies, improper business processes, and lower retention rates. In this scenario, Denny Wilson, the CEO of CertiPay, stresses on the need for a more robust payroll and HR technology that can be customized to the clients’ unique needs. Set against this backdrop, “CertiPay provides the right balance between technology and HR professionals,accurately tailored to the client’s expectations,” says Wilson. The company takes a unique approach to address the employment lifecycle—from pre-hire to post-retire—by delivering cost-effective products and services, allowing clients to minimize the risks associated with managing their labor force. The firm’s broad array of clients includes small and medium enterprises including: contractors, private clubs, transportation, municipalities, manufacturers, including: contractors, private clubs, transportation, municipalities, manufacturers, legal firms, healthcare institutions, and several hospitality verticals to name a few.

Driving Supreme HR Performance

CertiPay looks beyond the typical vendor relationship to position as a strategic business partner for addressing their clients’ HR requirements. CertiPay offers a web-based solution, designed to deliver unmatched payroll and HR management performance through better customer service, integration, and preparation. The company leverages almost three decades of HR management experience and an experienced team of Certified Payroll Professionals (CPP) to develop tailor-made solutions. “Rather than trying to sell all our services at once, we customize solutions that best meet an organization’s exact needs,” Wilson says.

CertiPay covers the full spectrum of tasks associated with human resources, primarily facilitating system implementations and integrations, managing overall services, and providing leading-edge technology depending on the business requirements such as payroll, benefits administration, and onboarding. Along with the in-house development of their entire product line, CertiPay possesses a full-time staff of IT programmers to integrate their solutions into clients’ existing accounting and onboarding services. “Some of the few areas of our expertise involve the implementation of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), time and attendance, benefits administration systems, and payroll and HR personnel assistance.

CertiPay provides the right balance between technology and HR professionals, maximizing the benefits of both human and data insights

CertiPay also helps several small enterprises mitigate compliance hurdles and facilitates adherence to federal government and local tax guidelines,” adds Wilson. In addition, they offer a wide range of services, from non-complex payroll needs of small business to large business facing complex HR Challenges which includes helping clients understand their bottom-line and essential funding requirements to increase the pay scale within certain departments. CertiPay also helps clients to integrate its services into general ledger systems such as QuickBooks, Sage and NetSuite, to name a few.

In an effort to deliver unparalleled customer support to clients, CertiPay takes their entire support staff through an intensive training process in services like PEOs, business logic changes, insurance plan setups, and ACA tracking systems for spouses and dependents. The company also works as an outsourced payroll department for many of their clients on a project basis as well as a dedicated department. “We offer the most comprehensive service platform based on a co-employment model that supports SMB clients to manage their state unemployment tax by handling employment claims, workers compensation programs, and employee benefits plans,” mentions Wilson.CertiPay’s immense experience in the HR landscape helps new startups or contractors to meet their state and local taxation compliance.

Delivering Value through Technology

“CertiPay is the bridge that educates organizations on how to build a business, appropriately recruit and retain employees, and meet compliance needs established by the federal government and local jurisdictions,” says Wilson with pride. CertiPay currently caters to companies averaging 300 employees per client, primarily in industries with complex payroll requirements such as the healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and property management. To illustrate CertiPay’s capabilities better, Wilson recalls a recent collaboration with a leading mattress manufacturer with a footprint across 17 locations. After a comprehensive study of the manufacturer’s business, a company with employee strength of around 2600, CertiPay unbundled their legacy employment model and revamped the HR framework, by assigning its certified professionals to resolve the client’s concerns. Adopting the holistic, enterprise-specific CertiPay model not only drastically reduced employee management costs but also helped the client effortlessly manage a suite of services including payroll, attendance administration, and applicant tracking.

He also touches upon an alliance with a transportation firm that employed over 2300 and deployed the CertiPay model. This company previously juggled with several platforms to carry out various HR tasks and was in the pursuit of a single, holistic, and consolidated platform to manage a string of HR activities, which also aligns with CertiPay’s philosophy. The adoption of CertiPay not only eliminated the need for multiple platforms but also allowed the firm to perform tasks more efficiently and economically.

The Road to the Future

The Florida-based company has exhibited unrivaled ability to resolve payroll complexities of varying degrees across verticals that have resulted in a double-digit growth on an annual basis since 2013. CertiPay’s unique workforce management approach and partnerships with industry leaders in insurance, financing and technology have helped them establish a footprint throughout the US as a trustworthy partner. In addition, CertiPay has bagged CareerSourcePolk’s ‘Best Place to Work’ award in 2017, one of its many recent accomplishments. Wilson owes this success to his professional staff and the team’s ability to build long-lasting relationships with its partners to client firms to consistently deliver on their commitments.