Reno Rafly, Director, Catalyst Global ConsultingReno Rafly, Director
While the pandemic has created several challenges for businesses in the last two years, it has also brought along opportunities for business owners to redefine themselves, their core values, and visions. During this phase, leaders across the globe have considered revisiting their strategies and rethinking how they would like to work, collaborate, and produce innovations for their clients and society. However, this isn’t an easy task as people’s roles within an organization are often overlooked or mismatched, hindering their growth or preventing them from reaching their targets. Catalyst Global Consulting enables leaders to redefine their strategies by catalyzing the change.

Catalyst Global Consulting focuses in people strategy, organizational development, and technology management that helps businesses implement changes instrumental to their growth. The company enables organizations to maximize their potential through people and organizational strategy. It partners with business and HR leaders with the vision of “changing the world, one organization at a time.” “In both startup and established firms, change management plays a crucial role in organizational change as it can make or break the transition. We help them devise a plan to ensure a successful journey of organizational transformation,” says Reno Rafly, MS, Director at Catalyst Global Consulting.

The company does it by assessing the existing state of the client organization and guiding them to envision where they want to be. These assessments are important in defining the changes, the quick wins, and the steps needed to manage the transition. Such support for change management proves critical for businesses, especially where the hybrid work model has become the new normal. Although the model presents various opportunities, it also creates challenges in maintaining communication, collaboration, and productivity.
Organizations that could win are the ones that have a clear vision of the kind of culture they want to have, where they would like to be, and how much effort they invest in developing the best team. This is especially important for the startups who want to scale up, and it has to start from the C-Suite. Thus, the company emphasizes educating leaders on the importance of committing to the core values, sharing a clear vision, and applying these principles into their actions. “Leadership in the new work model must more than ever value the engagement of employees and the innovations they bring through diversity and inclusion,” said Tracey Bessellieu, Principal of Catalyst Global Consulting.

Catalyst holds an impressive track record of supporting many organizations in overcoming business challenges and reaching their goals. “Catalyst has been instrumental in helping us to rebuild our People infrastructure, not only in formulating strategy, but also in executing & problem solving. I would recommend Catalyst as a partner especially for growth stage companies and startups that are looking to grow fast and sustainable,” says Harya Bimo, CEO & Co-Founder of Klinik Pintar. Alka Gupta, Director of People & Data at BukuWarung said, “Catalyst really helped us in laying out the foundation of employer branding, streamlining the operations, and implementing the employee experience platform.”
  • Catalyst Global Consulting Is On A Mission To Enable Organizations To Maximize Their Potential Through People And Organizational Strategy

In addition, Catalyst believes in empowering the next generation through education and mentorship. “Reno’s commitment to preparing the future of young Indonesians through mentorship is truly outstanding. We look forward to a continued partnership with Catalyst as we grow entrepreneurship in the years ahead,” said Nico Kiroyan, Executive Director at Prestasi Junior Indonesia. Since Catalyst believes that clients have the solutions to their problems, the firm helps by enabling and empowering them to find the best solutions for their organization. At the end of the day, it’s all about investing well in people, and Catalyst Global Consulting helps companies do just that.