Jodi Glimpse,  CEO, and Owner , Camelback Vending ServicesJodi Glimpse, CEO, and Owner
There is no denying that office break rooms play a significant role in nurturing a company’s culture. With flattering lighting, counter spaces, coffee machines, and a scattering of tables, break rooms are an easy way for businesses to boost company morale. Giving employees a space to have non-work-related conversations can go a long way in enhancing employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Since 2004, Camelback Vending Services has been a leader in helping businesses, primarily in the Metro Phoenix area, set up a well-stocked break room that energizes and engages their employees. It is a full-service breakroom solutions provider that offers best-in-class, healthy, and traditional solutions for micro-market, vending, coffee, pantry, food, snacks, and beverages.

In an interview with Manage HR, Jodi Glimpse, CEO, and Owner of Camelback Vending Services, shares her insights on how the company empowers its clients to improve employee retention by upgrading their break rooms.

A Tailored Approach for Best-Fit Break Room Vending Solutions

We’re one of the largest privately owned break room solutions providers in the Greater Phoenix Area, serving a wide array of local businesses, hospitals, and educational institutions. At Camelback Vending Services, we’re always committed to delivering the best value to our clients, helping them attract quality employees and stride toward success.

Staying close to this mission, we provide employers with solutions that enhance their employees’ experience by meeting essential break room needs, like fresh foods, snacks, drinks, coffee, and sparkling water. We leverage top-notch technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the right solutions customized to each client’s break room requirements. As a result, employers can witness better employee morale, engagement, and experience, leading to greater productivity and growth.

Responding to the Dynamic Break Room Challenges

As the pandemic continues to ease, the freedom of returning to work in an office setting is becoming a reality. Many employers are choosing a hybrid approach, allowing their employees to work from home and have an option to come to the office. A major challenge facing businesses in this pursuit is providing their in-office workforce with the necessary refreshments. Most employees now expect healthier, fresher, and cleaner products every time they visit the break room.

To meet this requirement, we provide our clients with a carefully curated selection of break room items. Whether it is free or paid goods, we offer fresh food with vegan, gluten-free, and other options as per the demands of their diverse workforce. The team at Camelback Vending Services also helps clients adhere to their health and wellness policies by encouraging the use of healthier products within their break rooms at a reduced price. This allows them to provide a variety of food options and encourage employees to choose healthier products.

We begin every client engagement by communicating with their HR team to understand their break room goals better. Then, our team collaborates with clients, helping them choose the best products for their break rooms. Unlike many others, we don’t airdrop our solutions to clients’ environments, but work continuously with them to ensure our offerings add value to their business. We also make timely customizations to our products to align with the changing needs of our clients.

Helping a Client Drive Employee Morale

We collaborated with a client who was using a standard vending machine, providing employees with soda and other junk foods. Unfortunately, this was not in line with their efforts to improve employees’ break room experience.

At Camelback Vending Services, we’re always committed to delivering the best value to our clients, helping them attract quality employees and stride toward success

When we came onboard, we offered our micro market—a self-checkout system with kiosks and coolers—delivering fresh foods to their workforce. Their employees could choose from a wide range of food options, including veggie trays, yogurts, fresh sandwiches, tacos, and juices. As a result, the firm witnessed increased employee retention and their HR Department received immensely positive feedback.

Our hands-on approach to each project and commitment to being available and responsive to clients’ needs set us apart from the competition. We take pride in our state-of-the-art technologies that have helped us boost the morale and productivity of an office. It has also assisted us in developing a track record of consistently exceeding client expectations in every project to date, and we aspire to continue doing the same in the future.