Bob Scruggs, President & Owner, Business SolutionsBob Scruggs, President & Owner
Business Solutions is driven by the mission to simplify the PEO selection process for businesses. The company realizes that more than 800 PEOs work across the U.S. today. They offer a diverse range of service as their area of expertise is inherently different. This makes the partner selection process nothing less than an uphill journey for organizations.

“Our goal is to take the guesswork out of the PEO selection process enabling organizations to find the perfect partner, who can help them attract and retain the right talents,” says Bob Scruggs, president and owner, Business Solutions.

Business Solutions conducts a discovery meeting while engaging with clients to understand what they are trying to accomplish in the next three to five years. Based on this, the company identifies five PEOs with the right tools and capabilities. It then conducts a full financial analysis to identify the hidden costs and helps his client select two PEOs. The next step revolves around getting a formal presentation from them to better understand their technology and service model, including benefits packages and how they support from an HR standpoint.
Once this is done, Business Solutions converses with the PEOs personally through Zoom calls, asks questions on behalf of the businesses, finalizes the right partner, and onboards them. In most cases, the onboarding process is done electronically, but many smaller PEOs still rely on manual paperwork. The company, to this end, goes the extra mile to help businesses manage the paperwork. Most important, the company never leaves the clients. It fixes any issue that might emerge along the journey.

“Our services are actually free for the businesses. PEOs pay us since we significantly reduce their customer acquisition costs,” says Scruggs.

Business Solutions realizes that many organizations work with the same PEO for many years, and the year-over-year increase of the admin percentage often leads to a huge cost burden. The company works with businesses to help them solve that pricing problem as well. This plays a vital role in strengthening the business-PEO relationship.
  • Our services are actually free for the businesses. PEOs pay us since we significantly reduce their customer acquisition costs

For instance, a manufacturing company was struggling to manage the HR processes as their HR manager was retiring. While working with them, Business Solutions found eight PEOs that had the tools to support the client. After the proper evaluation, it helped the manufacturing company select the PEO that could address all their requirements. The outcomes of this engagement were really intriguing.

The manufacturing company was able to hire a fresh college graduate as the HR manager at a fraction of the cost of hiring an experienced one. Since the PEO had HR managers with varied expertise and experience, the client never faced an issue.

What enables Business Solutions to craft these instances of client success is its focus on building long-term relationships with businesses and helping them deal with any adverse situation. Most brokers in this space find a PEO for an organization and do not provide any backend service. As a result, in case of any issue, the PEO loses the business. Business Solutions believes in helping PEOs build a long-term relationship with clients by providing continuous services.