Adeel Zaidi, Founder and CEO, BullseyeEngagementAdeel Zaidi, Founder and CEO
As the war for talent rages on, the most critical focus for an organization is to nurture, develop, and retain its talent while improving efficiency and productivity. It is well documented that employee engagement is a key driver of talent retention and that higher levels of engagement lead to improved organizational productivity and profitability. Gallup surveys consistently show that 67 percent of employees are either actively disengaged or only minimally engaged at work. Companies have struggled for several years to find ways to improve this ratio.

Further research has identified characteristics of highly-engaged organizations, and a common theme is that these companies promote frequent and transparent communication among all levels of the organization, so that employees’ interests are much better aligned with those of the organization. Although the market is replete with solutions that purport to improve employee engagement, BullseyeEngagement has nailed it with an entire cloud-based solutions suite that is designed with a principal focus of facilitating communication—a simple and intuitive platform. Developed from a perspective of maximizing user adoption and intuitiveness, the platform provides hire-to-retire integrated solutions for human capital development and engagement.

The platform has separate modules to address the needs for performance management, frequent check-ins, goal management, talent development, talent match, competency management and assessment, succession planning, compensation management, and pulse surveys while also providing decision makers with BI dashboards for effective decision-making. The portal is up to 90 percent configurable to accommodate customer requirements, so customers do not have to re-engineer their processes to fit the software. “Every customer feels that our solutions have been custom packaged for them,” says Adeel Zaidi, Founder and CEO of BullseyeEngagement.

The salient feature of the Bullseye suite is that each solution facilitates transparent, two-way communication that fosters a sense of belonging, which, in turn, drives employee engagement, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, stakeholder satisfaction. “The portal is employee-driven and enables the leadership team to create a culture of engagement,” states Zaidi.

Bullseye’s portal facilitates connectivity between individuals that allows for collaborative teamwork. Since the platform is designed with a bottom-up approach, employees can reach out to their reporting managers or HR business partners to design their own career paths. Top talent is benchmarked so they can act as mentors to other employees.

The portal is employee driven and we help the leadership team to create a culture of engagement

The platform facilitates continuous performance monitoring in contrast to the conventional annual appraisal, which most often is an ineffective exercise.

“The alignment of vision and mission of an organization only comes through frequent communication between employer and employees,” remarks Zaidi.

Through its succession planning solution, Bullseye also helps companies to systematically identify and develop successors for the critical positions in the organization through dashboards that highlight the bench strength across teams. The solution replaces conventional data analysis methods like spreadsheets and provides the leadership insights about the competencies of each team member positioned on succession planning charts.

“Our main differentiator is that our portal was created by `operational people,’ ” mentions Zaidi. He also points out that because Bullseye’s portal is modular, a customer need only subscribe to what they will immediately use, rather paying for the entire solutions suite upfront. It goes without saying that their client roster includes leading players like Anderson Hospital, City National Bank, Detroit Manufacturing Systems, Forum Technologies, Intel, Kelly Services, Caterpillar, Marriott among others.

Bullseye stays ahead of the competition by constantly innovating and introducing new features based on customer feedback, having a new release every 90 days. With its focus on enabling meaningful communications, Bullseye aims to transform the workplace by providing easy-to-use tools that address every aspect of employee engagement.