Christopher K. Boucher, Founding Attorney, Boucher Law, PCChristopher K. Boucher, Founding Attorney
An ideal legal partner dons multiple roles and responsibilities to help clients achieve definitive business outcomes, safeguarding them from potential legal pitfalls and shortcomings across their enterprise. Boucher Law, PC’s commitment to achieving win-win outcomes for its clients in the HR space, since its inception, through the pandemic is symbolic of a partner who embodies conscientiousness, rationality, and resourcefulness in providing practical legal solutions. Since its inception, the firm affirms there is no “one-size-fits-all” model to address labor and employment prerequisites and instead, upholds practicality in collaborations with clients. Founded by Christopher K. Boucher, Boucher Law, PC stands tall as the trusted legal counsel for a diverse clientele spanning public municipalities, nonprofit organizations, utilities, aviation, maritime, special districts, education, and private employment sectors throughout California.

Across his illustrious career, Boucher has donned various hats as an HR professional. At the age of 21, fresh off college, Christopher was presented with the opportunity to serve as an HR business partner and a few years after, appointed as the CHRO in his mid-20’s. His stint in serving as a CHRO includes being the HR and Risk manager for the Contra Costa Water District, the second largest urban water district in Northern California. From there, Christopher was tapped to serve as the Chief Human Resources Officer for the Port of Oakland, which includes the Oakland International Airport, the second busiest airport in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Oakland Sea Port, the fifth busiest container seaport in the United States. These roles provided Christopher a vantage point to understand the experiences faced by an HR professional, from which he garnered a thorough understanding of the industry.

In recognition of his human resources and legal accomplishments, Christopher was featured as one of 2016’s national “Top Five Rising Stars” by Human Resource Executive magazine, and he was named among America’s Top 50 Lawyers which identifies and highlights the accomplishments of the nation’s most distinguished and skilled attorneys in all f ields of p ractice of law. H is clients greatly value his extensive practical human resources and labor negotiations experience, in addition to his legal skills.

Attorneys and consultants at Boucher Law each carry over 20 years of hands-on HR experience, which proved to be a definitive factor in helping clients through the pandemic, practically redefining HR practices around the world. Backed by a “can-do attitude” and a highly adaptable work ethic, Boucher Law shouldered numerous responsibilities, sometimes managing the COVID-19 program that included overseeing day-to-day cases, contact tracing, return to work transitions, workers’ compensation case management, and similar legal prerequisites for clients. Boucher Law also coordinated with clients and their workforces to nurture remote/hybrid work environments, which have been considered a progressive development within the HR space. Overnight, Boucher Law donned the role of COVID-19 remediation partners, an achievement the firm prides on greatly to this day.

Clients of Boucher Law cherish this noteworthy alliance for the value the legal and practical experts brought to the table, integrating themselves into the client’s enterprise to address every concern that could arise.

Steering Clear of the Cookie Cutter Approach to Human Resources

Having spanned the dimension of the HR spectrum, attorneys and consultants at Boucher Law adhere to a boutique, personalized approach to collaborations. “Although we often tell ourselves not to make anything personal in what we do, I do firmly believe that these engagements are personal in the sense that we really wanted to get this done for our clients. Because we treat them like family,” states Boucher. The team stands by this philosophy, pushing the boundaries of innovation and going the extra mile as and when necessary to help clients achieve their business outcomes from a legally compliant and defensible standpoint, even if it means long days at the office and late evening engagements. This dedicated approach to risk mitigation and legal engagements ensures honest and open-ended communication with all parties involved, avoiding potential misunderstandings, and takes on a personal approach to the modern practice of law. Most importantly, Boucher Law empowers clients to stay in tune with the developments within the HR industry, aligning business objectives with practical legal solutions.

Although we often tell ourselves not to make anything personal in what we do, I do firmly believe that these engagements are personal in the sense that we really wanted to get this done for our clients. Because we treat them like family

In addition to traditional legal services, trends such as the great resignation caused by the pandemic and the recent financial turmoil have caused grave uncertainties across the recruitment arena, resulting in inefficient knowledge transfer among the leadership of a business. Despite the influx of employment opportunities and an abundance of skills available within the industry, businesses struggle to fill critical positions within the management structure or find successors to leadership roles. Finding the right candidate, who checks all the necessary boxes, and suitably training them for the position mandates many compliance processes, which are best addressed by experts like Boucher Law through its robust HR consulting practice. Clients of the firm have entrusted Boucher’s team with numerous recruitments for key positions, confident in their ability to find the right candidate and harmonize them with relevant business objectives.

Helping Clients Find the Practical Solutions While Staying Legally Compliant

One such engagement that showcases the role played by Boucher Law is the firm’s collaboration with a client in pursuit of a CHRO. The client had ongoing open labor contracts, and the new CHRO needed to be acquainted with the current developments in the business. As the client’s labor counsel and employment attorney, Boucher Law stepped in to lead, working with multiple departments to create a mentorship program for the prospective candidate, with Boucher spearheading the labor negotiations and his team managing the hiring process.

“Some of my clients jovially say that they do not see me as their lawyer, but rather as a therapist or a tutor who could help them with the practical aspects of the HR function,” says Boucher. “More often than not, they are not just looking for an answer that is legally correct, but they are also looking for a practical solution that can meet their business objectives. That’s where we come in to partner.”

Boucher Law also adds a new spin to the legal mediation process, serving as the neutral third party that resolves workplace conflicts of interest, disagreements, and organizational disputes, which are not necessarily policy or legal violations but come with everyday ramifications. The firm creates ‘work together agreements’ for businesses and stakeholders, taking into account the best interests of the employers and the employees, forging a professional partnership that benefits the enterprise and the people involved.
  • I was presented with a unique perspective of what an HR professional goes through, and when the rubber meets the road, such a perspective helps us understand how to blend traditional law practice with the practical aspects of the HR function

In terms of developing talent within the HR profession, Boucher believes in nurturing the next generation of HR leaders and reaffirms his stance of giving back to the HR industry, having gathered exhaustive knowledge through multiple roles within the industry. As the firm’s founding attorney, Boucher and his team also help clients create a diverse and inclusive work environment, developing strategies to attain maximum value from their workforce while keeping employees motivated and goal-oriented. The team pays close attention to the requirements of the new generation of employees, who expect advanced technological tools at their workplace, instantaneous resolution to conflicts, and a flexible work ethic. Boucher Law enjoys a bird’s eye view of clients’ business processes and understands the most eventful, legally compliant route to resolve a concern or address a requirement.

“I often make this joke when interacting with clients, I am like the bird that gets to fly all over the sky and has the opportunity to see everybody’s backyards, gardens, and so forth,” adds Boucher. “I also get to listen to them. Having had many such interactions, I always try to suggest three possible options for clients with low, medium, and high based on risk assessment. Because it is our responsibility as partners to allow them to make an informed decision based upon the legal parameters, and to stay practical in the solutions we come up with for our clients