Terry Carmichael, Managing Director And  Algis Rajeckas, Director of Training, Biopharma InstituteTerry Carmichael, Managing Director And Algis Rajeckas, Director of Training
The ever-changing economy and evolving impact of technology has made corporate training a mandatory process for employees to improve their organizations' productivity and internal performance. This is especially pertinent to professionals working within the highly regulated pharmaceutical, medical device, and clinical research environments. And given the impact of the pandemic on the medicine and healthcare markets, in-person training has proven difficult to accomplish. Needless to say, professionals require hands-on approach to training to get them up to speed in conducting clinical trials, managing drug safety, manufacturing pharmaceuticals or medical devices, and regulatory affairs matters. Such training can also enhance long-term career prospects for these professionals, minimize inefficiencies existing within the pharmaceutical, R&D, and clinical research industries, and provide an official status for scientific, administrative, regulatory compliance, and marketing needs at every level of experience. Among the institutions that give the utmost importance to clinical research, pharmaceutical, and medical device training programs, one leader in this space aims to train and update professionals on the ever-changing regulations and industry standards. —Enter Biopharma Institute.

Founded in 2003, Biopharma Institute has been providing effective training solutions to professionals working within the pharmaceutical, research and development (R&D), clinical trials, medical device, and healthcare industries. Engaging in remote learning techniques, the institute offers comprehensive training through online courses, live/recorded seminars, books, and other training tools to teach specific job functionalities, regulations, standards, and applications found within these environments. The organization has been recognized as the 'Best Online Pharma Industry Training Provider in the USA' by Global Health & Pharma (GHP) Magazine.

Today, Biopharma Institute offers over 200 learning courses focusing on clinical research, drug manufacturing, regulatory affairs, validation systems, pharmacovigilance, good clinical laboratory practice (GCLP), Data Integrity, and Medical Devices. In an interview with Algis Rajeckas, Ph.D., Director of Training for Biopharma Institute, we at Manage HR Magazine try to glean what makes Biopharma Institute so special.

1)Dr Rajeckas, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Algis Rajeckas, Ph.D. : I spent my early career in Research and Development (R&D), earning a Doctor of Philosophy in organic chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), then transitioning on into more sales and marketing roles. My scientific background and training has been crucial to understanding what goes on in the lab when it comes time to marketing new products and understanding customers' needs. So, I had been involved with companies like DuPont, Quest Diagnostics, Celera Genomics, MP Biomedicals and most recently with a division of Danaher Corporation, a medical device manufacturer of point-of-care (POC) blood testing devices for hemoglobin and glucose.

2) Could you give us a brief overview of Biopharma Institute?

Algis Rajeckas, Ph.D. : Our primary focus is providing compliance and regulatory training to those manufacturing drugs and medical devices. We also have a strong position training professionals working the in the clinical research and regulatory affairs space. Over 200 courses are now available in our catalog, delivered by engaging, remote learning solutions. We cater to corporate entities requiring employee training and individual students looking to grow and expand their career opportunities.

3)How are professionals and individuals being trained under your guidance, and what is the value you offer?

Algis Rajeckas, Ph.D. : With respect to traditional methods of training, whether it's aptitude, applied or live in-person training, we provide training using eLearning technologies. In addition, our training encourages all sorts of interactive activities and progress checks that serve the importance of tracking students' depth of learning concepts and retention of materials being taught. Regardless of what course they are undertaking, the fundamental points of the concepts can be understood, and this is a much more convenient and cost-effective way to effectively train employees. This is really a high-quality learning experience.

Excellence in Training for Biopharma Professionals

4)As almost every institute is upgrading its training techniques through data-driven technologies and online channels, could you describe how unique Biopharma Institute is providing its training solutions?

Algis Rajeckas, Ph.D. : We have built an enrollment system that allows individual students to immediately involve themselves in a course with immediate access to training. Students receive their username, password, and full access to the program, which is delivered in deep learning formats, along with voice-overs and engaging activities. In addition, we also have a training manager portal, which allows corporate training managers to log in and access the training records for their groups. Similarly, employees' certificates, completion status, reports, and all their involvements are tracked and recorded through a novel, automated tracking system. The training manager portal also allows managers to buy additional credits and enroll in whichever courses they like, easily, immediately, and affordably. As a result, training managers have full access to enroll their groups or employees into our programs and have access to all the training records in real-time for their group.

5)Given the training you are providing for the people, can you tell us about the team of experts and their expertise towards pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies and similar environments?

Algis Rajeckas, Ph.D. : We have a pool of subject material experts (SMEs) that develop the content for the courses. They are experts in the specific area of the training being offered. We offer training in several different categories like medical device, regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical validation, and drug safety and pharmacovigilance—each respective area of course development is headed by an expert, one that excels and is greatly experienced in the information being taught.

6)Why is Biopharma Institute emphasizing remote-learning technologies for training professionals and individuals?

Algis Rajeckas, Ph.D. : We see remote-learning techniques as extremely effective at conveying knowledge, while also being convenient for the professional being taught. This technique is highly engaging and extremely efficient for training employees on the importance of the regulations and standards that they are being governed by and must follow. It is important that they have regular training on an annual or bi-annual basis and are informed on updates to better understand the requirements of the regulations under which they are working.

7) Why is it necessary for pharma and device corporate entities or individuals to take up employee training sessions?

Algis Rajeckas, Ph.D. : It's important to understand the value of contracting with a company like Biopharma Institute to provide employee training. Training is our focus. Our training is regularly updated when regulations are changing, which is undoubtedly important in an ever-challenging environment. Especially for small or medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, it is very difficult to keep up with all these regulatory changes and to amend these concepts in their training programs. So, when regulations change, the courses get updated. Our focus is to maintain an up-to-date curriculum with respect to the codes that the regulating agencies have implemented. So, we do that on behalf of our clients, and our goal is to always provide the most up-to-date training curriculum.

8)What is your prediction about Biopharma Institute’s future?

Algis Rajeckas, Ph.D. : We have been growing in quite a significant way over the past four years, and we anticipate our growth to continue for many more years into the future. Our focus on delivering high-quality and updated training keeps both our clients and students happy. In 2020, COVID-19 catapulted us into a new level very rapidly. We had a very strong growth through the pandemic era, and that resulted in many companies transitioning from live, in-person training to remote learning. So, we have had strong growth and will predict continued growth into the future as mindsets have changed regarding how to best deliver training. Right now, we have indications to suggest that the mindset of our training managers and students has changed. They are putting more emphasis on the value of using updated and effective remote learning tools. Regardless of the importance or impact it creates among the people, it was very convenient for the employees who have experienced being trained this way, and so I think that has accelerated the growth in remote learning that is being seen.