Dr. John Rose, President and Cartier Rose, CEO and Principal Counsel, Big Picture Strategic MigrationDr. John Rose, President and Cartier Rose, CEO and Principal Counsel
Canada, known for its hospitality, hosts more than eight million immigrants. Yet immigrating to Canada is not without its potential challenges. The likelihood of new immigrants falling into the trap of unauthorized and counterfeit immigration consultants is very high.

Big Picture Strategic Migration (BPS Migration), a trustworthy, result-oriented immigration firm, helps clients navigate through the thick and thin of Canadian immigration. Driven by the mission of serving the public with truthfulness and integrity, BPS Migration helps them obtain legal status in the immigration process and realize their dreams of moving to Canada.

In an interview with Manage HR, Cartier Rose, CEO and Principal Counsel and Dr. John Rose, President of BPS Migration, shed light on the ever-evolving immigration landscape. They also share insights on BPS Migration’s value proposition, team expertise, and earnestness in achieving successful outcomes for clients in their immigration journey.

Could you give us a brief overview of BPS Migration?

We are a full-service boutique migration agency with a team of experienced immigration consultants and professionals. Our prospective clients include employers looking for immigrant talent and people wanting to migrate to Canada. Our uniqueness lies in helping clients and immigration consultants revive numerous immigration cases that were denied approval. We are greatly recognized for our professional expertise and consistent track record in expediting cost-efficient and substantial outcomes for immigration cases. My personal experience of over 38 years as a diplomat with Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has been instrumental in the success of BPS Migration.

Our service portfolio includes the full range of migration activities: permanent residence applications, including family class sponsorship, skilled worker programs, business migration, and labour market impact assessment (LMIA) for employers; temporary residence applications, including visitors, workers, and students; appeal and refugee claims; PR Card renewal and citizenship.

What differentiates BPS Migration from other players in the market?

We are on a mission to help our clients start a new life in Canada with the best-in-class professionalism they expect, rather than focusing more on the volume of production. We wholeheartedly serve them, irrespective of their cultural and linguistic differences. Our success is attributed to our choice of cases, where we represent clients with an honest assessment of eligibility without wasting their time and money. We do not charge penalties and refund the unused deposit money for those who intend to cancel their migration process.

What was the impact of COVID-19 on the immigration space?

Cartier: What affected us the most was the slow pace of immigration processing exacerbated by the pandemic. The processing of every application, which typically used to take around six months, took upwards of 12 months, creating a backlog. Consequently, the adjudications pertaining to the immigration cases were delayed. This made it harder for our clients to step forward to process their visas. Against this demanding scenario, we had to contend with requesting updates from IRCC.

Along with these bottlenecks, the closure of programs such as Canada Express Entry and the incorporation of new immigration policies, including the TR to PR pathway, made it confusing for potential clients.

What are some of the challenges that your clients face today and how do you address them?

John: Clients who apply for immigration visas spend significant time meticulously filling forms and assembling documents, expecting IRCC officers to review the information individually. Increasingly, however, artificial intelligence is taking center stage in automated bulk application processing by making preliminary decisions. Once AI flags an application as high-risk, for example, the government officer often affirms the AI’s decision, leading to bulk refusals.
  • We are on a mission to help our clients start a new life in Canada with the best-in-class professionalism they expect, rather than focusing more on the volume of production

There is a growing concern among clients and immigration attorneys about the increase in visa rejection rates as individual applications are not being carefully reviewed. The law society of Ontario is in conversation with IRCC to bring forward measures regarding the AI triage processing. The aim is to allow rejected visa applicants to file a reconsideration request rather than having to submit a whole new application.

Bearing this in mind, our consultants prepare every application with all-inclusive information that checks the right boxes during AI-based visa processing. More than being a highly professional immigration service provider, we are trusted advisors for our clients. Having handled over 300,000 overseas immigration cases for the Canadian government, my experience as an immigration officer has made me perceive what IRCC may expect in an application. I manage and monitor applications from beginning to end, assessing whether it is good enough to meet the requirements of IRCC.

Please provide a success story to elaborate on how BPS Migration helps its clients.

Cartier: We have served a roster of clients from various countries but what makes us unique in the immigration space is our commitment to handling failed sponsorships. One of our clients, who applied for a family sponsorship visa, received intent of refusal from IRCC stating criminality as a reason for his potential application denial. We found him inadmissible to Canada as he had committed a crime 35 years ago. We determined that the best course of action was to withdraw his application and submit a rehabilitation application to IRCC.

Following 12 months of deliberations on the part of the Canadian government in the new normal, IRCC granted rehabilitation status to the client. We resubmitted his visa application that was being sponsored. Eventually, after two years, we helped him attain permanent residence in Canada.

Addressing our clients’ dynamic needs with integrity has always been the lifeblood of BPS Migration. We play a substantial role in achieving a huge margin of success for our clients in their immigration journey.