Marco Bersani, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Bersani Law FirmMarco Bersani, Co-Founder and Managing Partner
At present, Italy is one of the top destinations for startups looking to initiate their businesses in European countries. The key factors that serve as crucial incentives for many entrepreneurs are its booming market, easy tax and regulatory norms, and ample growth prospects. But choosing the right destination takes business leaders only halfway toward their goals. Immigration is perhaps one of the most stressful aspects of establishing a global company. Long immigration queues and endless wait times for Visa approval hinder entrepreneurs from venturing outside their home countries and establishing an international footprint. Fortunately, helping businesses expedite their investor immigration applications is where Bersani Law Firm, one of Italy’s top five immigration law firms, has carved its niche.

“We leverage our extensive domain knowledge to help clients at every step of their visa application process,” says Marco Bersani, co-founder and managing partner of Bersani Law Firm. The company has a customer-centric culture, with Bersani personally assisting all high-net-worth clients with their Italian investor visa applications. In essence, Bersani Law Firm prepares the visa application package for its clients by collecting various documents like bank statements, cover letters, and recommendation letters from disparate sources in a secure manner. These application packages are prepared with utmost sincerity to ensure that it contains every required piece of documentation, driving a hassle-free visa approval process.

Notably, the firm has over nine years of experience conducting Italian American citizenship assistance programs and Italian visa applications.
The company comprises qualified Italian citizenship lawyers and legal experts on the Italian Citizenship application. These workforce skill sets enable Bersani Law Firm to assist clients with their Italian Dual Citizenship, Citizenship by Descent (also regarding the ‘Italian 1948 rule’), Citizenship by Marriage, and investor visas.

We leverage our extensive domain knowledge to help clients at every step of their visa application process

Bersani Law Firm can also help high-net-worth clients with high self-sustaining incomes and financial assets to relocate to Italy through an elective residence visa. The applicant can be an ordinary person or a foreign company’s CEO/legal representative. It even provides additional competitive gains for the applicants. For high-income individuals willing to become tax residents in Italy, the new EUR 100,000 flat tax on the global earnings regime offers considerable benefits. It is also important to note that application-related risk to the principal investment is effectively absent in Italy because, unlike many other visa application programs, the government of Italy does not require the investment to be concluded until the visa has been approved. In other words, there is no risk of unprofitable investments. These offer clear advantages over the Portuguese (through the Non-Habitual Resident regime) and Greek (through EUR 25,000 investment) visas. Bersani law Firm helps its clients make the most of these favorable business opportunities in Italy.

Bersani Law Firm is currently at the forefront of the Italian immigration process. The company aims to craft an impactful future for Italy and investors planning to migrate into the country. Based on its proven track record of accomplishment in the Italian immigration domain and forward-thinking roadmap, Bersani Law was recently shortlisted in Manage HR Europe’s ‘Top 10 Immigration Law Firms in Europe – 2022.