Saundra B. Curry, EMBA, Co-founder & COO; Sidney T. Curry, Co-founder, President & CEO, and Combat Veteran, BC Holdings of TN, LLCSaundra B. Curry, EMBA, Co-founder & COO; Sidney T. Curry, Co-founder, President & CEO, and Combat Veteran
Founded in 2001, BC Holdings of TN, LLC (BCH) offers comprehensive, activity-driven financial educational programs to businesses, agencies, nonprofits, and individuals. To deliver this impactful training, BCH utilizes the most advanced E-Learning programs and tools, enabling thousands to gain financial wellness, security, and stability.

In an interview with Saundra B. Curry, Co-founder and COO, and Sidney T. Curry, Co-founder, President & CEO, the discussion centered around their Destination: Financial Wellness (DFW) program that provides unbiased direction and resources to build wealth and creates a customized wealth management plan.

Could you elaborate on how educating and empowering employees around financial wellness can translate into an overall benefit for employers?

As a non-fiduciary and business-to-business firm, we work tirelessly to provide holistic financial wellness to employees through the employer. During our interaction with leading companies, we observed that many employees spend at least three hours a week, during office hours, figuring out how to pay bills or manage personal finances. 68 percent of employees work beyond eligible retirement age, as they are not financially positioned to retire. Retirement freedom is critical; however, most don’t retire as expected resulting in higher employee costs such as salaries, benefits, health care, performance, engagement, etc. In addition, recruitment of younger employees is challenging as they see career limitations because pre-retirees are delaying retirement. To address that issue, companies using DFW have experienced a 71 percent increase in retirement contributions enabling employees to retire early or by age 65. Also, after DFW, 92 percent of pre-retirees felt very confident about their early retirement or an on-par retirement.

In reality, most employees don’t participate in their retirement plan because of a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle and limited disposable income. Our award-winning DFW program is content forward leading individuals and families, in an unbiased way, to bridge the knowledge gap and enhance their financial planning strengths. Employees build true wealth based on their financial goals and current income. No matter the annual income, $30,000 or $300,000+, they can build wealth judgment free, at their own pace, in their own space with comfort.

Think about it, in the educational bubble, many learn new skills, and competencies necessary to forge a successful career. However, students are not taught to manage personal finances so they can build a successful financial future. As a result, they join the workforce with diminutive skills, leaving 8 out of 10 living paycheck-to-paycheck, and literally with an emergency or catastrophic event from losing everything.
In the end, employees are stressed, disengaged, and lack focus at work. They can’t be mission-focused and mission-ready; if preoccupied with financial issues. If 20 percent of a company’s workforce is financially distressed and can’t work to their fullest potential, the organization loses a significant amount of productivity, performance, and profits. BCH calculates the potential losses for each organization and develops a plan using DFW to increase performance, concentration, focus and bottom-line profits.

Could you elaborate more on the DFW program?

DFW is a ‘crystal ball’ into your personal finances based on your current financial decisions. When we began offering DFW 21 years ago, classes were held to 25 participants. This was the perfect size to address each person, and to fully answer every question. Because of the success, the demand soared, and created a huge waitlist. In response to the demand, we made a strategic decision to digitally transform DFW. This bold transformation enabled us to scale and educate unlimited numbers of employees around the globe.

With the onset of the COVID pandemic, the digitized version gained traction. It proved to be a highly effective and an efficient decision. BCH now has the ability to educate total workforces of all sizes. Users are able to access DFW anywhere including work, home, train, bus, etc., and on any device, desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. This transition has been critical as we expand our footprint. DFW is delivered through a customized learning management system (LMS) containing gamification, capstone simulation, badges, worksheets, calculators, a customized wealth management plan, and much more. Wrap around services include 24/7/365 support, virtual assistance/coaching, credit analysis, program analytics, usage reports, site visits, train-the-trainer, live launches, and so on.

BCH has created a full-service, financial wellness program that removes any/all barriers to learning. For instance, we realize that users have different learning behaviors. If a user is more acclimated to video learning, or more attuned to audio learning, prefers reading, or needs closed-caption, we provide it. Additionally, to maximize utility and functionality, DFW provides animation, rich content/text, spreadsheets, digitized calculations and other tools, tailored to the user’s preferences. In a nutshell, DFW connects all the dots for your personal finances and leaves no stone unturned.
  • As A Non-Fiduciary And Business-To-Business Firm, We Work Tirelessly To Provide Holistic Financial Wellness To Employees

What does the future hold for BC Holdings?

management firms, private industry, the Federal Government (Army, Navy, Marines, Veterans Administration, Department of Labor, etc.), and plans to deepen its footprint in the educational sector. Companies and institutions actively seek solution providers that don’t solicit to employees, but instead, partner with them to strengthen employee’s financial health. Lastly, BCH will continue its commitment to lead the industry in functionality, usage, engagement, and effectiveness using futuristic technology, thought-provoking content, new concepts and processes, and trusting data.