Jon Harris, Founder and CEO, AthLifeJon Harris, Founder and CEO
Athletes often face retirement sooner than professionals in other fields due to factors like aging, injury and inconsistent performance. In addition, being recognized as a top-tier athlete requires an unwavering commitment to a sport, which can limit the ability to explore alternative interests or career options.

To alter this narrative, AthLife, has embarked on an initiative to educate and equip athletes with the skills necessary to attain their full potential on and off the field. This objective is being pursued by a team of experienced professionals with a diverse background in sports, education, and business.

"During my time working at the National Football League (NFL) as a programmer, I recognized a need to combine education and career counseling, and AthLife's National Career Development Association-certified staff solidifies our work in this area today," says Jon Harris, founder and CEO of AthLife.

AthLife aids athletes in preparing for life after sports, whether transitioning to a new career or balancing academic commitments. The firm collaborates with professional sports leagues and unions to offer current and former athletes free professional and post-professional development assistance.

On an average day, AthLife's staff carries a combined caseload of more than 650 clients, both current and retired professional athletes. Its NCDA-certified expert advisors have over 125 years of combined experience working with elite athletes.

The firm recognizes the distinct professional development requirements of these athletes and tailors its programs to meet their specific needs. It provides high touch advising and customized workshops to help them better understand their unique transition experience.

AthLife empowers athletes to demonstrate their skills that transfer to the market by offering networking strategies, resume development, and job search assistance. It presents customized solutions like MLS 1:1 Advising and the NBA Coaching Development Program (CDP).

CDP participants are supported after program completion with individual counseling and group workshops to guide them in their job search. AthLife provides 1:1 advising and group workshops to support the CDP. A variety of other services include resume enhancement, transferable skill identification, LinkedIn profile updates, and job interview preparation. This enables players to cultivate their brand and effectively convey their value to potential employers and equips them with the resources needed to excel in their job search following their sports careers.

AthLife's proficiency is further illustrated through a case study involving soccer player Amobi Okugo. In 2009, Okugo received the PAC 12 Freshman of the Year award and subsequently left UCLA to pursue a professional soccer career. Upon joining the Philadelphia team, he took advantage of a program offered by MLS in collaboration with AthLife. This program facilitated his pursuit of a degree while simultaneously achieving his objectives as a soccer player and entrepreneur.
  • During my time working at the National Football League (NFL) as a programmer, I saw a need to combine education and career counseling, and AthLife's staff's certification by the National Career Development Association solidifies our work in this area today.

He furthered his education by obtaining a master's in legal studies from Arizona State University. In addition, he secured certifications from both Columbia and Harvard. As a testament to his potential, he was acknowledged as a Riordan MBA Fellow at UCLA, where his journey commenced a decade prior. Through this period, he developed The Frugal Athlete brand and accumulated a wealth of experience that facilitated his transition to life after soccer. His AthLife advisor consistently offered him support while he explored diverse opportunities.

AthLife's remarkable track record is filled with numerous success stories over the years, reflecting its significant impact on the lives of professional athletes. Through its strategic partnership with MLBPA, AthLife now proudly serves professional athletes across the top five leagues; NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS, reinforcing its commitment to empowering athletes beyond their sports careers.