Linda Drassen, Owner/President, Ask Linda HR Consulting ServicesLinda Drassen, Owner/President
Employment laws are constantly evolving; from unpredictable political agendas, a destabilized socio-economic environment, and the new norms created by the Pandemic, it has become even more difficult for employers to keep up. HR teams are often ill-equipped to track, understand, and comply with the rapid changes in complex regulations, making firms vulnerable to hefty penalties, fines, unnecessary claims, and (almost certainly) frustration.

To seamlessly abide by these altering regulations, businesses need capable legal consultants.

Ask Linda HR Consulting Services, Inc. is a leading 24/7 boutique consulting firm specifically created to delve into the frequently volatile, and ever-changing regulatory landscape. Made successful by listening to client needs and providing real-time answers, ALHR strives to educate clients so they are fully aware of the evolving laws and their impact – educated clients are better equipped to make decisions that affect the bottom line. The ALHR Team provides realistic, fluid and current guidance to firms by complimenting clients’ goals, objectives and individual cultures for organizations of all sizes – regardless of whether or not firms have in-house HR support. In addition to providing direct employee-relations, and day-to-day support, Ask Linda HR specializes in providing answers to compliance-related challenges. ALHR’s method of delivering adaptive and proactive selective HR solutions add an extra layer of protection in case of employee claims, complaints, HR questions, and/or audits.

The Team at Ask Linda HR Consulting Services, Inc. supports, advices, and guides clients on every aspect of human resources, including how to comply with regulatory domains such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and other leaves of absence programs; Form I-9 and immigration compliance and FLSA/wage and hour. The policies and procedures developed by ALHR adheres to the Department of Labor (DOL), National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other regulatory requirements.

“Our offerings are holistic in the HR space. We provide consultation on employee relations and evaluations, along with counseling, progressive discipline, personal and professional development, and leadership training. Clients frequently call me to conduct unbiased employee investigations and counseling; develop and interpret Employee Handbook and policies, and even to converse with their employees if any behavioral issue arises,” says Linda Drassen, owner and Human Resources Sherpa® of Ask Linda HR Consulting Services, Inc. ALHR also provides informal and interactive on- and off-site educational programs to deliver continuing education credits for PHR and SPHR certifications.

Ask Linda HR Consulting Services, Inc. believes in delivering boutique solutions that fit an organization’s needs and goals. It begins client engagement with a top-down audit of their HR department’s operations, policies, and processes to include interviews and salary surveys to identify potential pay disparities. By understanding their current state of functions and challenges, ALHR creates policies and Employee Handbooks containing the necessary tools firms need to survive. Ask Linda HR also designs job descriptions that meet FLSA/wage and hour and federal contractor/subcontractor requirements to uplift employee morale and dedication to work.

While supporting clients to implement provided advice and guidance, Ask Linda HR Consulting Services ensures their clients’ managers, executive-level teams, and employees seamlessly understand the policies. For example, providing assistance for federal contractors by creating policies and procedures related to leaves, return to work, and Workers’ Compensation adhering to FMLA norms for the over and under 50 census firms. The ALHR Team also offers tracking and administrative support that complies with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

In the HR space, our offerings are holistic. We provide consultancy on employee relations and evaluations, along with counseling, progressive discipline, personal and professional development, and leadership training. Clients also call me to converse with their employees if any behavioral issue arises

To help clients with immigration compliance form I-9, Ask Linda HR Consulting Services goes beyond providing training to complete the documentation. ALHR also audits, reviews their I-9 forms and practices and offers onsite correction assistance and full course training.

“Our team’s expert knowledge and experience provide our clients with tangible and digestible solutions to their operations while helping them stride toward their future goals confidently,” says Linda Drassen. “Compliance is so much easier and less expensive than noncompliance, and we are here to make sure that the pieces all fit our client’s needs.”

Setting its services apart from competitors is Ask Linda HR Consulting Services’ realistic solutions and dedication to being a client’s most trusted HR partner. Its experts are available day in and out, helping resolve every challenge whenever it arises with proper support, advice, and guidance.

In a world with complicated regulatory norms, global talent crunch, mass resignation, and employee-employer frictions, Ask Linda HR Consulting Services’ realistic HR solutions, coupled with constant support, helps companies smoothly tackle even the most complex HR issues, promoting success and progression for all organizations.