Thushanth Siva, Vice President, Arrow Workforce SolutionsThushanth Siva, Vice President
An order placed on Walmart Canada’s e-commerce site triggers a flurry of activity at its far-away warehouse, the famed three million sq ft Cornwall Distribution Hub. Responsible for handling over 500,000 packages a day for outlets across Eastern Canada, it eventually began experiencing a significant backlog due to a lack of workers stemming from the city’s small, aging population. Walmart searched for a scalable solution to tackle this gradually enlarging problem, and its search ended at Arrow Workforce Solutions.

Immediately stepping up to the challenge, Arrow executed a relocation project that brought 200 associates across Canada to Cornwall to work at the distribution center on a six-month contract. It tapped into its network of skilled workers to fill nearly every open position. This plan effectively eliminated the distribution hub’s backlogs and brought a large number of skilled workers to the city.

“We provide customized staffing solutions based on the challenges the city and client faced. Our goal was to ensure that the candidate would not only get an opportunity to work at Walmart but would consider Cornwall their new home after the project.” says Thushanth Siva, Vice President at Arrow Workforce Solutions.

A leader in contingent staffing, it specializes in the warehouse and distribution sector across the U.S. and Canada.

Canada’s labor shortage has companies entering wage wars in a desperate bid to fill vacant positions, ultimately poaching the same talent pool from each other. Arrow combats this by employing two methods to find talent. The first is online recruitment using reputed job boards and their AI integration to ensure right candidates are being selected

The approach that has led to diversity is their Community Outreach team that harnesses the power of word-of-mouth to identify and reach out to skilled workers within various communities. Arrow’s community outreach team is heavily involved in local events across Canada, like Fiesta Extravaganza, Taste of Manila, and Taste of India. Sponsoring these events and establishing a relationship with community leaders helps it find candidates through recommendations from event-goers, creating an ever-growing network of eligible workers. This word-of-mouth method has a higher success rate and results in a more diverse pool of candidates compared to workers sourced from other approaches.

We provide customized staffing solutions based on the industry and historical trends for demand

Arrow understands clients operating on a 24/7 schedule requires support during this schedule. It matches their work schedules and employs all-day-round support teams to address any issues they face.

Through the various market shutdowns and staffing issues, Arrow has continued its prompt delivery of skilled workers through practical, efficient, and thorough recruitment methodologies adapted for today’s world. Clients can rest assured that their search for effective contingent staffing service ends with Arrow’s network of top-notch candidates.