Patrice B. Borders, JD, Founder and CEO, AmplifyEIPatrice B. Borders, JD, Founder and CEO
A sense of belonging at work is crucial to employee productivity and retention. Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends report corroborates this by ranking belonging as one of the top human capital issues organizations face today. Employees need a positive and mindful workplace culture that cultivates acceptance and inclusion.

AmplifyEI makes this happen.

The woman-owned human capital management consulting firm tailors strategies to create inclusive, mindful, and emotionally intelligent workplaces. Through transformative inclusion training, facilitated learning, and leadership coaching, AmplifyEI paves a path for people to connect better, communicate, and work in harmony.

Leadership coaching programs are based on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and contemporary neuroscience. By amplifying cultures of collaboration and belonging, AmplifyEI assists leaders and organizations in building healthy and productive workforces.

“Building a culture of belonging is at the heart of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging,” says Patrice B. Borders, Founder and CEO of AmplifyEI. “To make this happen, AmplifyEI focuses on individual behaviors and invites microshifts in people’s mindsets. The goal is to create comfortable spaces where people can communicate and collaborate in effective and meaningful ways.”

A key factor at play in creating this inclusive workplace culture is emotional intelligence. To help people understand and develop their emotional intelligence, AmplifyEI created the Seven Keys to Emotional Intelligence Model. The first two Keys—center and comprehend—are intrapersonal and encourage people to be self-aware and reflect on how they respond when activated. The next four Keys—connect, communicate, collaborate, and conflict—are interpersonal and enable people to listen with empathy, connect at a deeper level, and build trust. These steps help turn difficult conversations into positive discussions and constructive feedback focused on improvement. The last of the Seven Keys is culture, which encompasses all the other Keys.

“These seven keys create a framework to help people not only observe but also discern their observations and then use that information to make productive decisions,” says Borders.

An emotionally intelligent work environment provides psychological safety, granting people the space to embrace varying views and perspectives in a healthy environment. With emotional intelligence training, people are equipped to resolve conflict constructively. It helps people gain a better understanding of their teammates, cultivates greater creativity, and leads to greater innovation emerging from a potpourri of diverse ideas. Emotional intelligence results in equitable workplaces where all employees feel seen, heard, and validated with mutual respect and understanding.

An emotionally intelligent work environment provides psychological safety, granting people the space to embrace varying views and perspectives in a healthy environment

AmplifyEI’s tailored services have benefited many organizations and leaders. They’ve helped leaders turn challenging conversations into opportunities for growth. In one example, a client was able to use the Seven Keys to shift from ignoring divisive behaviors to feeling more confident in having the conversation to expose a teammate's blindspot. That then created microshifts in people’s behaviors. It built a culture where team members could speak their minds in the best possible manner, enabling better outcomes for the organization.

Research tells us that significant changes in culture don’t happen by one person, or one department, shifting behaviors. It takes everyone, from the highest leader down to every individual contributor in the organization, to shift in meaningful ways. To achieve her vision of every single person in an organization amplifying emotional intelligence through their words and actions, Borders created an online experience – The Seven Keys for Healthy Teams Journey. She partnered with the creators of the Change Experience Platform, Rali. This partnership offers a cost-effective way to amplify emotional intelligence at scale across an entire organization at a fraction of the traditional training investment.

The success formula for AmplifyEI lies in its CEO’s 25+ years of expertise. Leveraging her background in employment law and human capital practices, Patrice operates in alignment with her personal mission as she helps organizations and individuals develop resonant leaders, collaborative teams, and inclusive workplace cultures.