Jim Baker, President and CEO, Alpha & OmegaJim Baker, President and CEO
After two years of remote working and online classes, offices and schools are slowly returning to normal. However, people are still concerned about the safety of shared spaces due to the possibility of contracting the COVID-19 virus through medium and high touchpoints. To keep everyone safe, confident, and comfortable, organizations need to maintain high standards of cleanliness on their premises. Alpha & Omega is a company that focuses on this need.

Founded in 1986, Alpha & Omega is a full-service custodial and facility maintenance service provider operating in southwest Ohio and tri-state areas. The company’s cleaning crews work 24*7 to address clients’ diverse requirements and are responsible for cleaning, disinfecting, and maintaining over 40 million square feet of property every day.

Alpha & Omega caters to several client markets, including educational, commercial, and industrial office buildings, arenas, and sports facilities. “The key to our commitment to excellence is follow-up, followup, and follow-up,” mentions Jim Baker, President and CEO, Alpha & Omega. In addition, Alpha & Omega recognizes their customers’ safety and security, therefore, performs background checks on all of their employees.

Focus on Quality and Safety - Even Before the Pandemic

Alpha & Omega’s commitment to maintaining the cleanliness and safety of touchpoints is not new. It began way before the onset of the pandemic. In fact, GermStop, one of the most innovative solutions targeted toward disinfection and cleanliness, was released by Alpha & Omega in 2015. Certified and trained GermStop technicians apply with electrostatic sprayers an antimicrobial technology that protects surfaces from harmful microbes and stays effective for 30 days— allowing clients to continue routine cleaning and disinfecting procedures. The solution’s active ingredient forms a colorless, odorless polymer that chemically bonds with the surface while remaining undetectable to touch. This protective layer attracts and punctures the walls of harmful microbes to reduce contact transmission. Along with the GermStop application, Alpha & Omega provides visible signage to indicate that a particular facility has been treated. This lets the building occupants know they’re protected and helps facility managers build trustworthy relations with their customers/visitors.

To fulfill the surging demand for disinfection during the pandemic, Alpha & Omega collaborated with several suppliers and manufacturers. This enabled the company to access critical equipment and serve a plethora of clients across the Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Dayton/Columbus markets. In 2020, Alpha & Omega’s GermStop solution helped several school districts, financial institutions, and Fortune 500 companies seamlessly continue their operation.
A Competent Team and an Employeecentric Culture at the Core

Alpha & Omega’s comprehensive cleaning solution is rightly backed by a team of more than 550 employees dedicated to delivering top-notch disinfecting, cleaning, and maintenance services. The team goes into a facility and performs thorough inspections to understand clients’ requirements. They not only follow the specifications provided by the clients but go the extra mile to make sure the facilities are flawlessly clean. In doing so, every team member upholds the company’s philosophy — ‘If it is required, you do it.’ This has enabled Alpha & Omega to maintain longstanding relations with clients in an industry where the customer retention rate is generally very low.

What drives the Alpha & Omega team always to follow the client-centric approach is the culture that the company has built over the years. It respects the employees and always rewards and recognizes them for their hard work and dedication. The company is also committed to the safety of its employees. In fact, Alpha & Omega has made it mandatory for every worker to use protective devices and strictly follow all the safety rules.
  • As we continue to grow both vertically and horizontally, customer satisfaction remains the priority #1 at every step of the way

Alpha & Omega is also a strong advocate of green cleaning methods. It continually researches products and approaches to enable environmentally conscious cleaning. No wonder, Alpha & Omega has become one of the very few Ohio-based custodial companies to earn the Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS) Green Building Certification. It has also been awarded the Certification with Honors and Global Biorisk Advisory Council Certification (GBAC) from the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), the worldwide cleaning industry association.

To further up its ante in the cleaning and disinfection space, Alpha & Omega has recently started expanding its focus to other markets, including surrounding states. The aim is to grow within owner-occupied facilities while expanding to other facilities with its maintenance division. While expansion plans are underway, Alpha & Omega continues to innovate and find new ways to use antimicrobials to reduce the transmission of diseases and infections. The company plans to partner with several organizations to remain the most innovative facility maintenance and disinfection service provider.

Over all these years, Alpha & Omega has established its strong legacy. “As we continue to grow both vertically and horizontally, customer satisfaction remains the priority #1 at every step of the way,” says Baker. The expertise and dedication to delivering quality services have helped Alpha & Omega consistently grow 10% - 20% annually - a rare feat in the market.