To prepare employees for retirement, employers must bring financial wellness and retirement planning into the conversation. But cutting through the complexities of retirement plan management is not an easy feat. Most employers have a goal of providing best-in class employee benefits that leverage cutting edge resources and technologies, however many are tasked to do this with shrinking budgets and reduced staff.

Helping employers to ensure individuals’ financial wellness during retirement is a primary business objective of Alliant Retirement Consulting (ARC).

Established in 2012, ARC is wholly owned by Alliant Insurance Services, one of the fastest-growing insurance brokers. With more than 600 retirement plans and $12 billion under advisement, the company serves a broad range of clients—from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The company is listed as a top-rated team according to Financial Times 401 and Plan Sponsor publications as it enables clients to gain highly specialized retirement plan guidance.

Retirement Readiness is the Key

ARC defines project success in two ways. First, the plan has a fully educated sponsor on the fiduciary liability risks associated with retirement plans. Second, the plan has a fully executed fiduciary liability management program based on best practices. Benchmarking is also a cornerstone of its practice. The company constantly compares clients’ plan statistics to various industry metrics and provides feedback to the plan fiduciaries accordingly.

“Retirement readiness is the key to measuring success in the retirement plan consulting. If a high percentage of employees are on track to retire with enough money to have adequate replacement income during their retirement years, we can infer that our education program was successful, our investment consulting work was sound, and our expense management was successful,” says Jay Laschinger, National Practice Leader at ARC. “We develop a retirement business plan for each of our clients considering the cost and complexity of retirement plans and the desired outcomes.”

ARC sets objectives for employee outcomes and identifies savings rates and financial wellness goals. They base the process on objective, data-driven analyses and projections. This analysis forms the foundation for your plan, focusing on your financial and operational goals.

ARC applies its industry-specific knowledge and experience to treat all clients equally under its business model. They describe this approach as National in Scope, Local in Service, where the company combines all the services of a national consultant with the hands-on, day-to-day support you expect from a locally-based retirement advisor.

ARC also offers a monthly webinar series and education meetings, as requested, on topics that affect the employees of clients the most. Being a completely customizable model, ARC meets the client where they are to find solutions to their unique challenges.

“We serve as either a 3(21) or 3(38) co-fiduciary for all our plans. And for those clients that prefer to outsource the investment fiduciary decisions to us, we do not charge any additional fees to take on that appointment.,” says Kathleen R. Aicher, VP. “While we are flexible enough to work on a project basis, most of our plans enjoy all-inclusive pricing, so that we can adapt to a CFO’s changing priority.”

Enhancing the Retirement Plan Offering

ARC’s due diligence services for private equity firms’ transactions range from platform creation to target acquisitions. The company has worked with clients to take advantage of economies of scale to lower recordkeeping and investment costs. It works closely with the HR team within the private equity firm and the platform/target company to ensure that all aspects of the plan administration are compliant. This includes (and is not limited to) merging of target companies’ existing 401(k) plans, plan design, cost projections, and 5500 filing with audit reports. They take ownership of these transactions and guide the platform company through the integration process.

ARC only focuses on retirement plans and what that means to the plan sponsors and their employees. Its experience from compliance to plan design and investments provides a complete fiduciary liability approach to assist plan sponsors in managing and enhancing their retirement plan offerings.

If a high percentage of employees are on track to retire with enough money, we can infer that our education program was successful, our investment consulting work was sound, and our expense management was successful

“Our people stand as the backbone of our organization. We proudly employ a team of diverse, driven, and exceptional people and invest heavily in their success, giving our brokerage and consulting teams the freedom and resources, they need to help their clients grow their businesses to remarkable heights,” says John Cunningham, EVP of ARC.

ARC’s dynamic team of professionals consistently performs at the highest level while caring and giving back to causes impacting their communities and the world. Built on teamwork and collaboration—a philosophy that has continuously guided its growth and evolution—the company rises together to meet challenges, thinks together to drive innovation, and thrives together in business and in the diverse communities where they operate.