Kelly Kehn, Co-Founder & Christina Thakor-Rankin Co-Founder, All-in Diversity ProjectKelly Kehn, Co-Founder & Christina Thakor-Rankin Co-Founder
The cultural, historical, and ethnic differences between people are what bind them closer together. To say otherwise is simply untrue. However, for companies, finding the middle ground when trying to diversify their workforce and create inclusive business environments can become challenging for several social and economic reasons. For instance, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement prominently expresses many facets of racial oppression in the modern world and demands justice. Similarly, social issues such as women’s safety and empowerment were brought to light effectively through the #MeToo movement, among others. Heeding the 21st worker’s call for improved diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), workplace initiatives have become imperative for organisations everywhere. Implementing a DEI strategy can seem daunting, but creating a more inclusive and collaborative environment that guarantees a measurable ROI has never been easier with the help of London-based All-in Diversity Project. The company is making a mark in the DEI space by #BreakingtheBias and providing the necessary tools for businesses that aspire to be more diverse and inclusive.

When executed correctly, the implementation of DEI can effectuate desirable and long-term returns on investment. To this end, All-in Diversity Project constantly works to make DEI a commercial and boardroom imperative. The firm is redefining the paradigm for inclusion through transparent, measurable, and holistic methodologies that can be implemented globally.

“Diversity and inclusion do not have to be expensive, nor do they need to replace everything with something new. For us, it is about how we work with organisations to help make DEI a part of their cultural and corporate DNA,” states Christina Thakor Rankin, who co-founded All-in Diversity Project with Kelly Kehn. Every enterprise has its objectives, difficulties, and success metrics, which are unique to them. All in Diversity Project reviews a client’s policies and practices and conducts one on-one, confidential employee interviews to evaluate the effectiveness of its DEI strategy. A healthy working environment is one where complicated social issues are addressed and opportunities are pursued to assist employees in enhancing their skills which can only be beneficial to all - high performing employees equal high performing orgnaizations.

Interestingly, All-in Diversity Project is a not-for-profit enterprise with many sponsors that fund its work—and the All-Index® initiative particularly stands out. The All Index® is an annual report that measures DEI across a global industry.

Diversity and inclusion do not have to be expensive, nor do they need to replace everything with something new. For us, it is about how we work with organisations to help make DEI a part of their cultural and corporate DNA

Furthermore, the company also works with organisations on a 1:1 basis on their individual needs. The All Index® applies to any organization looking to invest in DEI. It can be used as a baseline for strategic and stakeholder planning, all while identifying critical objectives for the future. The All-Index® visualises employee demographics and employment practices worldwide to deliver an annual success report on various employment policies and proactive initiatives, including sponsorships and events that support DEI in the community. Moreover, All-in Diversity has a longstanding experience with heavily regulated industries, understanding what companies need to do to retain potential talents.

All-in Diversity Project promotes collaboration over competition and aspires to be the world’s largest repository of DEI data. The firm collects information through employee surveys and the All-Index—a definitive standard tool for the gambling industry—to measure progress towards inclusion in the workplace. Along with its high-quality services, the All-in Diversity Project helps examine what DEI means to a particular organisation, strives to set realistic, short to long-term objectives, and implements cost-effective strategies. With such a strong, humanistic approach, the firm is set to be recognised as a global resource for DEI. All-
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