Every business is unique. Yet, issues like attracting and retaining top talent and adhering to regulatory compliance are commonplace across organizations and industry segments. A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that assumes and manages critical human resource responsibilities and employer risks is the need of the hour for organizations today. According to the study by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, the companies that work with PEOs expand faster, has 50 percent more longevity and 23- 32 percent less turnover. It is against this backdrop that Alcott HR, a PEO and human resource outsourcing services provider offers a hands-on, high-touch, personal, and flexible approach to HR outsourcing. While the contemporaries are focusing on selling bundled services, Alcott, on the other hand, is dedicated to helping organizations succeed with their customized solution that caters to all the HR related needs of an organization. Alcott HR’s innovative solutions include human resource administration, compliance, payroll processing, employee benefits, risk management, and training and development.

Among the host of problems saddling enterprises, paying annual fines and penalties for HR and regulatory compliance violations is one of the issues that engulf organizations. Alcott’s HR professionals understand the employment-related rules and regulations and reduce the risk for organizations with augmented compliance. Furthermore, running a payroll can turn out to be time-consuming and cumbersome for organizations. Considering the complexities of payroll, Alcott HR offers a comprehensive payroll solution powered by a web-based human resources information system that covers all the facets of payroll and payroll taxes. Alcott HR’s team is backed by CCP professionals certified by the American Payroll Association.
‘People’ being one of the essential parts of the business, adhering to their needs can be time, money, and energy consuming for the bottom line of an organization. Alcott HR gives access to the expertise, resources, and HR technologies by developing policies, employee handbook and preparing new hire orientation packets and employee onboarding, termination assistance, COBRA administration, and performance appraisal system review, workers compensation and disability claims.

On the employee benefits front, Alcott HR has designed an employee benefits program that contains costs, engages employees, reduces employee turnover, and enhances employee morale. In addition to that, the company offers the best performing and affordable 401(k) retirement program giving proactive risk mitigation and compliance, an extensive array of fund options, regular audits, and monitoring of the plans and handles the administrative work on behalf of the client. Alcott HR’s training and development program caters to enhancing employee skills offering robust employee benefits and professional development opportunities with their web-based training course.

In an implementation highlight Vision Long Island, a non-profit organization that educates, advocates, plans, designs, and provides technical assistance on smart growth projects partnered with Alcott HR as they faced challenges in the critical area of human resource and all that it entails. Vision Long Island benefitted immensely from the partnership with Alcott HR. The management was confident with the compliance and up to date workplace regulations. Furthermore, Vision Long Island staff was satisfied with the benefits, including direct deposit, health insurance, and voluntary insurance options. With an all-inclusive PEO solution, the employee benefits packages were efficient and helped long Island to begin their business with a strong foundation.

Alcott HR has an Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) accreditation, approved by Certificate Institute and has an Audit certificate by NAPEO. Holding a track record of success, unparalleled leadership, a commitment to quality, and a history of growth, Alcott HR has set the bar for quality higher. The Alcott HR team intends to offer the best HR outsourcing solutions in the industry with advanced service models that are at par with the needs of business owners.