Armando Cavero, Founding Partner & Guillermo van Oordt F., Partner, AIMS International - Executive Search offices in PeruArmando Cavero, Founding Partner & Guillermo van Oordt F., Partner
The global firm AIMS International, started operations in Peru in 2010 delivering executive search services to all industries, driven by the mission to connect organizations with the right people. Peru’s office experienced and skilled consultants have direct and extensive knowledge of client’s needs. This plays a vital role in identifying the right candidates, aligned with the client’s strategic business objectives.

In an interview with Manage HR, Armando Cavero, Founding Partner and Guillermo van Oordt F., Partner shared insights into how AIMS’ Office in Peru helps organizations search for qualified executives.

Please tell our readers about your experience and how does it help AIMS’ Office in Peru serve its clients better?

Armando: In 2009, I was a member of another executive search network. After leaving them, I decided to start and join AIMS in Peru. Several factors, including AIMS’ global presence, nimble organizational architecture, and the zeal to serve clients better, triggered my decision.

I firmly believe that the task of executive search should not be left to the HR departments alone. Companies need a business partner that can bring in the best person to be successful in a specific position. At AIMS in Perú, we have the personal experience and resources to do it.

Given the disruptions technology has brought to the business world, organizations require executives that can sail through all the complexities. Our consultative approach and ability to get involved in the searches makes us the best partner for exceeding clients’ expectations.

Guillermo: I have been in the corporate world for several years and have an extensive professional network as well as experience in service-oriented fields like finance and consulting.

While joining the executive search industry, my goal was to help other businesses, leveraging the vast network that I had grown across different sectors. AIMS provided me that opportunity. The company enabled me to work beyond geographical barriers and collaborate multi-nationally.

At our local office, we all have been CEO, VP, or executive directors. With these personal experiencies, we can ensure complete client satisfaction. All AIMS members know the real-world challenges and the intricacies of conducting the right assessment. They always take the right measure to drive clients toward success.

Could you shed some light on the services that you offer?

Armando: When we sign a contract with a client, there are generally concerned about the compatibility of a new candidate in their culture. To eliminate clients’ hesitation, it’s important to work with them for an extended period of time, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their culture and goals.

We add two crucial steps, Hogan assessments and Mentoring, to ensure the candidate fits best for an organization.

Hogan assessments provides us a deep understanding of the candidate’s personality. Based on this insight, we advise the organization about certain aspects of a candidate’s personality, and viceversa, smoothing the integration of personality and culture. We are also very strict in the sign-off process. All finalists are made aware of the result of an executive search process we conduct. Everything that we do at AIMS Peru is transparent and respectful.

Sometimes even after conducting the Hogan assessment, the supervisor and candidate may need further guidance. In that case, we provide an optional mentoring service. For the first six weeks after a new employee joins the company, we have a mentor who works with both the new hire and the supervisor, to help them work collaboratively. Our work does not stop at placement. We go beyond that and ensure the candidates connect with our clients’ organizational culture.

Our ability to get fully involved in the searches makes us the right partner for meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations

Guillermo: Premium sign-off is another important service that we bring to the table. Sometimes, companies reach out to us saying they want to hire managers with certain characteristics. In such cases, we first strive to understand all the intricacies and start finding the right candidates. However, in the end, there will usually be two finalists and one will not be selected. We, in order to, not make them heartbroken, offer an additional service called Premium Sign Off, using Hogan™ Assessments again, to provide deeper feedback to the first runner up.

Our two final candidates are asked to take the Hogan test through the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI). We call them for a personal interview and advise them on how to handle a specific personality trait, how to improve it for the future, and how to fit in a specific role better. When the person joins the company, or not, both he or she has a report and an explanation of his or her personality.

What are the distinct features of AIMS in Peru that give it a competitive edge?

Armando: The comprehensive and transparent approach is the key to our success. Clients trust us as a partner who has the capability to address all their requirements, no matter how complex they are because we hav been CEOs and know what a CEO expects from any direct report.

We are a boutique firm that regularly works with large enterprises. Customers keep coming back to us because of the outstanding result we provide. That can also be reflected by the fact that we extend our guarantee for a period of 2 years, based on our track record. Even today, most business happens through referrals.

All of our researchers are women, which makes our company more diverse. Even though we’ve made a lot of progress, we are continuously striving to make our office more inclusive and diverse, to bring in new perspectives and views.