Even today, attracting top talent is a critical challenge in hiring. Besides, embracing change, developing future leaders, and managing a diverse workforce continue to be pertinent roadblocks. It is against this backdrop that Advanced Group’s family of brands steps in with expertise in talent acquisition, staffing, outsourcing, managing employee benefits, and handling payroll and employment taxes. With a mission and passion for making a difference for the clients, Advanced Group has under its umbrella, Advanced Resources, a staffing agency, WunderLand Group that offers qualified talent for digital, creative, and marketing requirements, and Advanced RPO with a rich background and discipline in the area of talent acquisition specializing in RPO.

The company provides a superior and productive workforce, talent acquisition roadmaps, employee value proposition, and career site development that helps organizations enhance their business edge.

A customized RPO solution is a critical need for most of the companies to recognize and hire the right, capable, and culture fitting talent that will front line the company. The Advanced RPO’s approach facilitates such requirements with its business impact model for the development and execution of RPO services. Advanced RPO allows its clients to focus on the business and take a back seat in hiring while they strategically run the hiring program to ensure the recruitment of high potential candidates apt for the company.

Advanced RPO offers various solutions to ease the recruitment process for clients such as End-to- End RPO, Hybrid RPO, Project RPO, and consultative services. End-to-End RPO model takes care of everything from requisition intake to onboarding. The team works directly with the HR leads and hiring managers, and also represents the client’s employment brand to the candidates throughout the hiring process.

End-to-End RPO model takes care of everything from requisition intake to onboarding

Several companies prefer to take extra help only to manage a few areas of the hiring process, which, in their opinion, needs additional expertise or resources. Advance RPO’s Hybrid RPO caters to this need and handles those specific areas of the hiring process seamlessly for the clients. Project RPO includes a hybrid delivery module with distinct work scope and exact start and stop date. Advance RPO offers consultative services. Employee engagement, talent management, compensation evaluation, and more that goes beyond the realm of RPO.

Advanced Resources specializes in organizational development, recruiting, and traditional HR. Advanced Resources’ prowess is best exemplified in the case of a global fleet management organization. The client had a large call center, and they were battling rising employee turnover, which resulted in the quality of customer experience dipping to a new low. Even after hiring new employees, the inexperience was evident to the customer, which affected their new business initiatives. Advanced Resources stepped in and worked with the client and developed a customized placement, quality check, and management process to improve the quality of the candidates. A customized reporting dashboard was introduced by the Advanced Resource team to track the employee turnover of the company, and they also started to manage and report on turnovers to help the client company coach the supervisors and horn their management skills to reduce attrition.

Advanced Group has been serving the clients across multiple industry verticals such as technology, finance and accounting, digital marketing, and HR, among others. The company’s focus on insights, results, and excellence in their services has shaped them to be one of the most highly acclaimed staffing agencies in the nation. Catering to values like respect, excellence, accountability and leadership, and a vision to be one of the most respected firms in the industry, Advanced Group is dedicated to advancing careers and companies.