Judy Cordova-Romero, VP of Human Resources & Brenda Cordova-Busick, President, ADC LTD NMJudy Cordova-Romero, VP of Human Resources & Brenda Cordova-Busick, President
A renowned name in the security industry, ADC LTD NM shows an unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive and reliable physical security and personnel services. Amassing four decades of experience, it has established itself as a trusted provider of background investigations, workforce verifications, special investigations, and armed or unarmed security officers for government agencies and corporate clients.

ADC’s expertise extends to supporting divisions within federal departments and agencies, including energy, transportation, commerce, agriculture, Social Security Administration (SSA), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It has successfully completed background investigations with five agencies within the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security throughout the U.S. as well as provided security guards for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) nationwide and guard services for the City of Albuquerque and the City of Santa Fe.

With a reputation for delivering in-depth and reliable investigative services, ADC LTD NM is committed to helping clients navigate the complexities of modern security and employment requirements, making it a trusted partner for background investigations and security solutions.

What makes ADC stand out from its competitors is its unparalleled responsiveness to clients’ needs. Unlike companies that require board approval for decision-making, its management and ownership have the authority to make swift and decisive choices that keep it ahead of the competition. The quality of its services is second to none, and it takes pride in maintaining this reputation. If ADC falls short of client expectations by any chance, its responsiveness shines through as it promptly addresses any shortcomings to ensure their complete satisfaction.

The personnel security and physical security services are other critical parts that help build a safe and trusted workforce for government agencies and commercial firms. With its experienced staff, extensive knowledge, and top-quality services, ADC is the go-to support contractor for many industries. By entrusting it with their security needs, clients can rest assured they are working with a company dedicated to providing top-quality services now and for years to come.

ADC is the brainchild of Arthur D. Cordova, born from his first company, Cordova Support Services Ltd., which specialized in various support services for government and corporate clients, from administration to auditing and adjudication. ADC continues to evolve with over 500 employees and 2000 contract investigators nationwide. Its mission has always been to provide the best service possible to clients, whether personnel or physical security.

The ownership is very hands-on, as they are working managers and take a personal investment and interest in all clients and their work. They conduct extensive training for all federal armed guards and background investigation services to ensure the staff is equipped to provide a comprehensive service report back to all the agencies.

We have built our success on a foundation of quality service, responsiveness, and a commitment to deliver the best. As we navigate uncertain times, we remain dedicated to adapting to client requirements and serving their needs

“We have built our success on a foundation of quality service, responsiveness, and a commitment to deliver the best. As we navigate uncertain times, we remain dedicated to adapting to client requirements and serving their needs,” says Judy Cordova-Romero, VP of human resources at ADC LTD NM.

ADC’s unique approach to business practices is similar to working with family, striving to provide exceptional services that have earned it a reputation as a boutique service. Despite unprecedented challenges, it remains resolute in its mission to find and deliver resilient staff committed to producing exceptional work for clients. Even for telework models, ADC is steadfast in its approach and maintains the connection with potential employees while providing the necessary equipment and services to ensure they can continue delivering top-quality services.

The story of ADC’s success is one of a company that places quality and timelines above all else, instilling this motto within its staff. It inspires other companies, demonstrating the importance of adaptability, responsiveness, and a solid commitment to customer service. In a world where the workforce is rapidly changing, ADC’s approach to business is a beacon of hope for companies looking to successfully navigate these uncertain times.