Glenn Robbins, President, AcroprintGlenn Robbins, President
The genesis of Acroprint traces back to 1969 when Wilbur Robbins witnessed a market gap in labor management. The new independent time recorders and office machine dealers couldn’t find good time and attendance products to compete against the expensive options offered by the influential factory branch offices of larger manufacturers. Robbins founded Acroprint as a response to this gap by introducing several electro-mechanical time-card-based time recorders. Later, the company introduced electronic and software-based time clocks. “In 2010, when cloud was still in its infancy, we started rolling out high-level and web-based products that were highly flexible and cost-efficient,” says Glenn Robbins, President of Acroprint. Fast forward to today, the company offers a full-grown, cloud-based, flexible, affordable, and world-class human resource management package—AcroTime—including HR management, scheduling, time tracking, and payroll processing modules. “All the modules are integrated to a point where users have one database to log into,” adds Glenn.

AcroTime is a single database; pay-per-use application that comprises all the modules businesses need for efficient workforce management. “The fact that you can run multiple modules on a single database without the need for integrating, downloading, or migrating to switch configurations sets us apart from our competition,” states Glenn. In addition to web, mobile, and optional telephony, AcroTime guarantees easy time tracking in any business environment with a wide variety of data collection options to choose from. Multiple terminals can be used on a single system or mobile app to match the needs of the business and minimize the upfront investment while complying with the applicable labor laws.
The HR module incorporated in AcroTime’s management suite enables businesses to streamline and automate HR tasks, effectively and efficiently. AcroTime’s employee self-service functionality allows employees to handle their own payroll and HR-related tasks like direct deposit and tax information along with robust reporting and geospatial tax identification. On the other hand, the application tracking and performance management features allow managers to track job applicants and review an employee’s performance, guaranteeing optimal employee loyalty and performance.

AcroTime’s scheduling module simplifies the workforce scheduling process while eliminating the possibility of errors. Keeping budget, labor costs, and staffing requirements in mind, an accurate schedule can be easily constructed with a ‘drag and drop’ feature to assign shifts. AcroTime’s scheduling module enables all scheduling tasks and shift swaps to be completed with remarkable speed and compliance with the established rules.

Supporting a network of over 6,000 dealers and office supply outlets across the US and 70 other countries, AcroTime combines anytime-anywhere internet accessibility with reliability, accuracy, and security for businesses to save time and money throughout the employment cycle. AcroTime is based on a SaaS model, eliminating worries about installing, maintaining, or upgrading the software. “Being on the cloud has enabled us to offer a trusted app for smart-phones that can be used to punch in/out, request time-off, request to edit the timesheet in case he/ she worked through lunch, check the schedule, and much more,” Glenn states.

AcroTime helps businesses manage their workforce “from hiring to retiring”

One of AcroTime’s clients, Pocono Eye Associates, faced a challenge in keeping track of employees’ work hours, paid time-off, and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) across branches in different locations. With AcroTime’s features to remotely access HR and administrative tasks and customize reports, Pocono EA was able to obtain significant time and cost savings within the first two months without the need to change their business processes.

With an active footprint in the medical and hospitality sectors, Acroprint aims to expand into the manufacturing industry and augment its products’ offerings with facial recognition, further enhancing workforce management. “Our employees take great pride in providing high-quality time and attendance management solutions to help businesses become profitable and efficient,” says Glenn.