Kevin M. Wilhelmi, Sr. Attorney and Owner and Jihan Walker, Attorney, The Law Offices of Kevin M. WilhelmiKevin M. Wilhelmi, Sr. Attorney and Owner and Jihan Walker, Attorney
The Law Offices of Kevin M. Wilhelmi have made a difference in the immigration landscape by continuously fighting for clients until their respective immigration case has been approved. Deeply caring for each and every case is what sets the firm apart, and has prompted Manage HR to recognize The Law Offices of Kevin M. Wilhelmi as one of the Top Ten Emerging Immigration Law Firms in the United States for 2023.

Below is the conversation that Manage HR had with Kevin M. Wilhelmi, Sr. Attorney and Owner of the law firm, and Jihan Walker, Attorney at The Law Offices of Kevin M. Wilhelmi.

The Pertaining Challenges for Companies in the Immigration Law Space

A major challenge facing our clients is the incredibly long time frames for the USCIS and DOL to process simple petitions and forms. Prevailing wage determinations, which used to take two weeks to get back from the DOL, now take up to eight months. The Law Offices of Kevin M. Wilhelmi addresses these elongated processing times by planning ahead, so the lag in processing immigrant and non-immigrant matters is minimized.

Another dilemma our corporate clients are facing is losing the employees they sponsored for their non-immigrant and immigrant visas once the employee receives their “green card” or US Permanent Residency. While pleased that their employee has received their green card through the corporation’s efforts and expense, the organization is rightfully disappointed when the employee soon leaves the sponsoring organization.

Our office encourages employees to remain with their sponsoring company for an appropriate period of time after receiving their green card as a sign of gratitude and loyalty. It is understandable when an employee has a greater opportunity with another organization, but some degree of appreciation and allegiance is also due to the sponsoring company.

Giving Importance to Each and Every Immigration Case

We realize the life-changing impact the outcome of our efforts has for our clients and their families. Accuracy is paramount in this area of law, where one incorrectly marked box can result in a denial and cost a client their stay in the United States and end their dream.

Our firm addresses this by prioritizing the accuracy of every petition, application, and support document presented to the USCIS or DOL. Our commitment to submitting completely accurate information and documentation starts with using a secure portal case management system. This allows our clients and their employees/clients to securely provide their information and documentation for the case, and ensure that we are obtaining accurate data for each filing. Our firm has a well-established process of checking and reviewing every aspect of a case prior to it being filed. Our clients come to the United States of America with the goal of living in the greatest nation in the world. We take pride in our work and the fact that our firm’s rate of success on immigration cases across the board is above the national average as reported by the USCIS’ and DOL’s posted figures.

The Law Offices of Kevin M. Wilhelmi in Action

While we empathize with the USCIS and DOL Officers having to make decisions on a never-ending stream of cases, addressing unwarranted and unfounded denials is the ultimate test of any successful immigration law firm. Perseverance and strategy become essential when overcoming an incorrect or baseless decision by the USCIS/DOL. Our office recently submitted an appeal on an EB1 Extraordinary Ability case filed by another law firm for a Doctor whose case had been denied and apparently slipped through the cracks of the USCIS’ system.

His wife and five children had been in the U.S. for over eight years and had an established life here. The look of concern on their faces of having to return to a country many of them had never lived in was compelling and emotional. Through our experience and persistence, our firm’s Motion to Reopen/ Reconsider the case was successful and their case was ultimately approved, providing great relief to our client and his family.

Our law firm excels in attacking incorrect and unfounded denials by USCIS/DOL. Overcoming a denial of a case is one of the most rewarding aspects of practicing immigration law.

Attorneys and Paralegals Taking the Extra Steps for Successful Results

Our firm prides itself on relentlessly following up on pending immigration applications/petitions that have incurred unexpected hurdles or unreasonable delays. When a case not been approved within the normal processing time, our office will file “Service Requests” with USCIS to keep the case moving forward. We make it an office policy to promptly respond to inquiries from our beneficiaries/clients regarding their status or other concerns they may have about their stay in the United States, as well as any question the corporate client or their employee may have to alleviate their concern over their specific case.

Our competitive edge starts with our staff and the tremendous attorneys and paralegals we have assembled. We have been in operation since 1999 and have seen the ebbs and flows of immigration and addressed the ever-changing regulations and policies that have taken place. This experience allows us the vision to modify our immigration filings to meet and address the latest nuances of the current governmental policies in place.

Identifying changes in how the USCIS or DOL is reviewing cases and taking the necessary action in advance has kept our law firm at the forefront of immigration law. The Law Offices of Kevin M. Wilhelmi have consistently maintained obtaining immigration approvals at a rate well above the national average. Our firm has always excelled at representing start-up companies that are unfamiliar with the immigration process and need a guiding hand. The attorneys and paralegals at the Law Office of Kevin M. Wilhelmi have the experience and patience to advise and assist new companies in the complex field of immigration law.
  • We have been in operation since 1999 and have seen the ebbs and flows of U.S. immigration law and anticipate and address the always changing regulations and policies that have taken place.

Being Customer-Centric from Cradle to Grave

In working with many talented HR Managers over the years, we are well aware of the difficult position they find themselves in throughout the various immigration processes. Pressure from executives, recruiters, and employees relying on them and the law firm handling the case to quickly file and obtain immigration approvals is incredibly stressful. Our law firm truly enjoys working with HR Managers and we attempt to make their jobs, and life, easier. We do this by responding to their employees’ questions in a timely fashion and providing answers to ensure transparency and realistic expectations for both the company and the employees. Our company knows HR Managers have many hats to wear for their organization, and understanding immigration law can be frustrating and complex for even the most experienced Manager.

Our law firm's personnel create an open line of communication with HR Managers by encouraging them to ask us questions and receive prompt answers from our attorneys and paralegals. This gives them the information necessary to provide quick responses to the various levels in their organization looking to them for answers and a successful immigration result. It is crucial that a good working relationship exists between the HR Manager and the law firm handling the company’s immigration cases. Our firm’s history of developing close relationships with HR Managers speaks volumes for our staff and the great managers we have met over the years.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of practicing law for me has been working with competent and caring HR Managers and achieving successful immigration results for their organization and its employees.