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Daniel Stone is one of the most seasoned organizational change consultants in the country today. For over 45 years he has been helping leaders achieve the strategic changes that are of greatest importance to them and their organizations and to avoid the major pitfalls when attempting to create change.

Keys to Making Change Real

Real change is change that makes a difference and is sustainable or regenerative over time. There are 5 major keys to making change real including:

◾ A clear and compelling case to be made for why the change is essential for the future of the organization
◾ A clear and compelling vision for the future state of the organization that engages both the head and heart
◾ Ownership and commitment to the change from a critical mass of key stakeholders, both within and outside the organization
◾ A robust roadmap for moving to the vision that usually encompasses changes in values, systems, processes, and behaviors
◾ Honest and transparent truth-telling about the gap between current reality and the vision; this allows for both celebration of successes and ongoing recalibration of the change roadmap

Given the above, creating change needs to be approached with a comprehensive systems perspective that accounts for all of these elements. And to help with all of this, most organizations need assistance.
Why the Consultant Matters

As all know who attempt to create change, it is rarely easy to accomplish on one’s own. In one’s attempt to achieve that which is truly vital, it is all too easy to get off track and be distracted by the tyranny of the urgent. When setbacks occur—and these can be predicted in any major change effort—there can be great value in having support in place to help absorb the lessons and make the needed adjustments. And there can also be great value in having someone who has been through the change process and brings a level of clarity and understanding to the elements that make difference between real change and disappointment. But to provide that support requires someone with a unique set of skills and experience.

About Daniel Stone

Daniel has been a leader in the organizational change space for decades. He brings over 45 years of experience working in a wide variety of sectors, and at all levels of organizations from CEO’s and Cabinet Level Secretaries down to frontline employees. Daniel has worked all over the world, and on a wide range of strategic issues. Daniel has been an innovator throughout his career, and brings a fresh perspective to each client engagement, continually looking to custom design the most helpful solutions that fit within each organization’s culture and operational requirements. He has been a pioneer in large-scale interactive engagement efforts both in the private and public spheres.

What Specific Services Does Daniel Stone Offer

Some of the major services Daniel has provided to clients include:

◾ High engagement strategic planning that positions organizations for the future
◾ Organizational assessment that creates a pathway to change
◾Team building that prepares teams for high performance
◾ Leadership development and coaching that supports and empowers leaders to achieve their full potential
◾ Meeting and retreat facilitation that creates powerful results and sets the stage for follow-through
◾ Stakeholder engagement that ensures efforts to create change reflect the wisdom and cultivate the ownership by those who matter

Real change is change that makes a difference and is sustainable or regenerative over time.

All services are fully client-centric and carried out in a spirit of partnership between consultant and client.

Who are some of the Organizations Daniel Stone has worked for:

Daniel has consulted to a wide spectrum of organizations in the corporate, education, health care, non-profit, and government sectors. Just a few of his better known clients include: Gillette Corporation, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, USA Today, the United Nations, the US Departments of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control, New York University Medical Center, a wide variety of major colleges and universities, and many others.