Bruce Lau, Managing Director,  Aegis Management LimitedBruce Lau, Managing Director, Aegis Management Limited
Founded in Hong Kong in 2013, Aegis Management Limited (Aegis) has developed its business worldwide and provided domestic and foreign investment banks, funds, securities traders and other investment and sponsor institutions with professional due diligence services on a long-term basis, such as senior personnel due diligence, namely in-depth background checks on founding teams and core management teams of mainland China-based entities that are attracting investments or going public overseas.

After years of business operations in Hong Kong, Aegis has carried out over 10,000 senior personnel due diligence projects, accumulated abundant research experience, and built a professional research team as well as mature research tools and methodologies. Aegis is currently a leading due diligence service provider in the Hong Kong market.


With professionalism and experience, Aegis offers feasible solutions to meet clients’ demands, which include: promoting pre-employment background check outsourcing; customizing research plans for different demands; following up by a senior research team; adopting innovative research modes; having rigorous and compliant business processes; protecting information security for candidates and interviewees strictly; and conducting in-depth investigations with due diligence methods to ensure reports’ value.


Aegis distinguishes itself from peer companies in the following aspects:

Research method. Aegis conducts legal and compliant background checks with full independence on the selection of multiple interviewees to ensure a neutral and objective research process.

Information safety. Aegis is among the three domestic companies which have obtained the Level III Information System Security Grading Protection Filing Certificate.

Industry acknowledgement. Aegis has won a number of professional awards in the due diligence industry, and its professional services and solid company strength are recognized by many international industry associations.

Professional teams. The research team of Aegis has around 100 members, most of whom have extensive research experience, advanced market perceptivity, and strong execution. The team members are capable of detecting recruitment-related risks and discovering valuable information for clients within a short period of time. Meanwhile, the translation team of Aegis is proficient in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, providing precisely translated reports for domestic and foreign clients.

Aegis is among the three domestic companies which have obtained the Level III Information System Security Grading Protection Filing Certificate


Aegis can be your strong shield against certain risks in the age of information.

Corporate Investigations. Through official and open channels, Aegis searches matching names, registration numbers, and affiliated companies of the subjects for relevant information.

Business Intelligence. Business intelligence reports are vital to present the business conditions, development potential and market competitiveness of the subjects, and also provide an important means to learn about competitors, partners, investees, etc.

KYC/Due Diligence Checks. Based on the KYC (Know Your Customer) Principle, Aegis conducts investigations to assist its clients in fully learning about their clients’ identities, addresses and business activities.

Employment Background Check. In view of costly signaling and information asymmetry between employers and employees or job candidates, employers resort to employment background checks to solve such information asymmetries.

Immigration Due Diligence. Background check is a must for immigration applications as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations.

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