Craig Wiley, Founder, and CEO, TranscendCraig Wiley, Founder, and CEO
Regardless of industry, HR professionals aspire to hire employees with the right skills and to ensure employee longevity. The idea of talent management was conceptualized on the premise of fulfilling talent needs of the business and remains a preliminary practice to equip enterprises with a high-performing workforce. However, talent management is easier said than done, as human resource departments tend to struggle with aligning the people side with the strategic side of their business. Understanding this, businesses today crave a talent management partner who can help them build and enhance their workforce, while simultaneously ensuring optimum business performance.

Enter Transcend. As a talent management consultancy, the company specializes in transforming their client’s organizational performance through people while unlocking leadership potential. Working in liaison with their clients as a true partner, Transcend offers consulting and development programs linking talent development to the execution of business strategy. These programs are generally client-specific as they engage management teams and C-Suite executives in the strategy creation and execution processes. Such an approach helps clients to navigate through talent-related challenges and drive business-oriented outcomes seamlessly.

In an interview with Manage HR Magazine, Craig Wiley, Founder and CEO and Chelsea Healey, Learning and Development Specialist, Transcend, shares their insights about the challenges existing in the talent management space and how Transcend is helping businesses drive performance through its transformational services.

What are some of the challenges in the marketplace, and how does Transcend helps companies to meet their business goal?

Over the last 15 years, we have witnessed many instances where organizations do not align their talent development and talent management strategies with their business strategy. As an affirmation to this, research shows less than 75 percent of strategic executions are successful.

We have created a series of programs focused on various levels of the organization, from the executive to the emerging leader, that will elevate the alignment and performance of the entire organization. Our programs encapsulate the learning topics of leadership, strategy, agility, collaboration, feedback, and many more. Transcend’s programs also include real-time discussions around the pain points, challenges, and opportunities existing in the client’s organization.

We use specific tools and methods during our client engagements to create real and sustainable change in the organization. We establish a platform for multiple layers of the business to get intimately involved in the strategic performance and growth of the business. By taking initiative in the creation of the strategic roadmap, employees become engaged across the organization to ensure successful executions. Encouraging and engaging employees in the bigger picture of the organization will help them to be more productive at work in general as well. Our end goal at Transcend is to help our clients build an agile organization and align their talent roadmap with their strategic business needs.

Can you shed some light on your client onboarding process and methodology?

Our on-boarding process involves four key steps— Assess, Vision, Planning, and Execution. First, we discover the collective blind spots and strengths of the organization through a research-based and validated assessment. Based on the assessment results, we use our expertise to develop robust and targeted insights to move the business forward. Then, through an interactive strategic work session and utilization of collected data, we partner with executives to develop a transformational strategy. We lean on proven methodologies to amplify transparency and focus on decision making that drives the executive team towards an enterprise-focused mindset.

Our end goal at Transcend is to help our clients build an agile organization and align their talent roadmap with their strategic business needs

In our planning phase, Executives and emerging leaders work together to craft essential initiatives that will bring the vision, mission, values, and 3-5-year goals to life. The result is a very detailed annual plan that everyone owns. Lastly, expertly timed and curated coaching and facilitation services are utilized throughout the year to hold leaders accountable, keep execution center-of-desk, and expand the skills of the collective team.

Would you like to highlight a customer success story?

Chelsea Healey, Learning and Development Specialist

We had a leading industry business in the entertainment space who wanted to strengthen his executive team and find a long-term strategy to scale the business in a big way. As part of our client on-boarding process, we began helping the company by identifying its mission, values, and vision for the next five years. We also enabled the client to craft their value proposition around how the newly formed executive team will help to meet growth transformation in the business. Through a series of targeting implementations, we successfully helped double their business and set the owner up for an acquisition that was beyond his wildest dreams.

What is the key factor that differentiates Transcend from other competitors in the market?

One thing that makes us unique is our partnership with the Young Presidents’ Organization, a global leadership community of CEOs. It allows us to be significant change agents and work alongside the executives, championing in their success in many creative ways. As the change agents for businesses and executives, our job is to not only focus on business performance but also to challenge our CEOs and executives to unlock people’s potential within their organization. We have a unique ability to provide coaching, business performance, and talent management services to ensure the work is transformational and sustainable.

What does the future hold for Transcend?

One of the things we are excited about is our upcoming new podcast - ‘The Executive Story Booth by Transcend.’ Through this platform, we aim to have conversations with CEOs and executives about the real challenges and transformations within business. The podcast will have executive stories from our clients across different industries. We are expecting to establish a trusted partnership with an expanded customer base through this platform.