John Beck, Jr, CEO  , The Assessment Company® John Beck, Jr, CEO
The age-old notion of correlating employees’ performance with their skill set, knowledge, and experience oftentimes proves to be detrimental for businesses. In many instances, only a few of the new hires turn out to be valuable for an organization. As a result, employee turnover rate increases and businesses struggle to satisfy their customers. To this end, hiring managers need to dive deeper and assess a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behaviors, interest, and their occupational fit to the job, instead of just focusing on their education and experience. The task of recruiting has further become more complicated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced many businesses to remotely conduct interviews. As such, interviewers cannot fully grasp candidates’ emotional intelligence, identify personality traits, or scrutinize their behavior.

Set against this background, The Assessment Company®, a US based firm, offers employee assessment solutions to help businesses effectively identify, hire, coach, and develop an effective workforce, and when necessary ensure behavioral safety requirements are met. The company’s uniqueness stems from its Occupational DNA® approach to identify the individual attributes of best-performing employees and draw a customized performance model for a particular position. This enables organizations to ensure less turnover, superior job performance, and design personalized training programs for every employee.

In an interview with Manage HR, John Beck, Jr, CEO of The Assessment Company®, shares insights into the company, the concept of Occupational DNA®, and how it helps organizations select the best candidates while revamping the conventional employee selection process.

Could you please provide a brief overview of the company and the solutions that help in employee selection and development?

Since our inception in 1994, we have been providing organizations with employee assessment solutions. We represent multiple brands in the market which allows our team the freedom to recommend and implement the right solution according to our clients' unique needs. To illustrate, we are an authorized partner of PXT Select, an adaptive assessment technology that measures a candidate's cognitive abilities, behavior, and interest to equip organizations with proper data for hiring, coaching, succession planning, teams etc. We also provide our clients with the Everything DiSC® assessment solution suite which is designed to identify key strategies to improve leadership, build stronger work relationships, and measure employees’ emotional intelligence. We also have a unique behavioural safety assessment tool that helps identify the personality traits directly connected to incidents and injury in the workplace. For the past 25 years, we have been servicing and assisting organizations with selecting and retaining top performing employees.

Could you elaborate more on the concept of Occupational DNA® and adaptive assessment technology?

It has always been a riddle for employees with the same skill set, education, and experience failing to perform with the same efficiency. In a quest to solve this, we have introduced the concept of Occupational DNA ® that helps businesses identify the best role for employees based on their thinking style, behaviors, and interest.
We identify the top performers in an organization and assess those employees to extract their Occupational DNA®. We then leverage it to build customized performance models for a particular position. This allows businesses to make more informed decisions while hiring a new individual, promoting an existing employee, or internally moving an individual. Simply put, our clients can compare the characteristics of different candidates (internal or external) to their defined model. A percentage match to the position is provided to help determine which individual is the best possible fit for the role. The in-depth reporting helps to make the hiring managers' job easier in predicting future job performance.

In essence, coupling highly validated adaptive assessment tools with Occupational DNA®, our solutions help organizations match the best-fit candidates for roles they will have the highest opportunity for success in

Unlike the traditional assessment, where every applicant is subjected to the same assessment questions, our solutions employ adaptive assessment technology. With our employee assessment solution, everyone takes the same assessment; however, each person has their own unique assessment experience. As such, the entire process becomes more relevant, and individuals are never overwhelmed or underwhelmed with irrelevant questions. In essence, coupling highly validated adaptive assessment tools with Occupational DNA®, our solutions help organizations match the best-fit candidates for roles they will have the highest opportunity for success in.

What are some of the applications of assessment technology in an organization?

Once we conduct an individual's assessment, our tools can generate multiple reports that can be used for multiple applications. Our selection report helps clients select the best person for a particular position by comparing assessment results with the customized performance model. This report provides organizations with actionable, objective data about candidates in a simple to understand format that can assist in the interview. Furthermore, the same assessment data can be used to produce a coaching report that helps in coaching a new hire or an existing employee. We have another report called the multi-candidate report, which compares multiple candidates for a position based on their thinking style, behavior, and occupational interest.

In a nutshell, our assessment solutions offer custom reports that cover, hiring, coaching, team building, succession planning, leadership, conflict, emotional intelligence, behavioral safety, all designed to help employers achieve meaningful business results that impact their bottom-line.

Could you please cite a customer success story?

Our vast array of solutions allows us to cater to clients across any business sector. For instance, a leading industrial sales and rental company approached us to help identify high potentials for their sales role. Our team assessed their top performing employees and conducted a concurrent study to gather data from their “rock star” employees. We then applied the “rule of thirds” method to divide their employees into three categories: top performers, average performers, and low performers. Next, all sales metrics along with tenure, geographical and individual employees ODNA® data was analysed. We were able to trace the Occupation DNA® of the top performers and build a customized concurrent performance model for that particular role.

The result, the organization started hiring individuals based on the new “rock star” model, allowing the company to accelerate its sales revenue while reducing employee turnover.

What are some of the key advancement plans set aside by The Assessment Company?

We believe that adaptive assessment technology is the new gold standard in the employee assessment industry. We are also incorporating new technologies to facilitate the burdensome remote hiring process and help recruiters communicate better with applicants. It has always been our mission to be a long term and reliable partner of our clients by providing the best solution according to their requirements.