Ann Clifford, Founder and President, Safari SolutionsAnn Clifford, Founder and President
It was around the wake of the millennium when enterprises around the world started witnessing advanced technologies disrupting diverse business functions to automate cumbersome manual tasks. Amidst this whirl of advancements, Ann Clifford—who was searching for her next entrepreneurial venture— realized the instrumental role that digitalization plays in modernizing the recruitment process. At that time, Monster and other online job boards and portals were in their infancy. Recruiting firms were experimenting with the new tools while most employers were still using print advertising to source candidates. Ann Clifford, founder of Safari Solutions, recognized that it was just a matter of time before employers would embrace the new technology and circumvent traditional search firms. Yet the new technology created new problems . . . how to use and leverage job board tools effectively and how to manage the volume of applicants. Driven by the zeal to streamline the recruiting process for small to medium-sized companies, Ann began offering outsourced recruiting processes in 1999. At that time, the RPO term had not been coined and it was several years later before the Recruitment Process Outsourcing industry blossomed.

In an interview with Manage HR, Ann, the president of Safari Solutions, shares insights into how her company brings a world of difference to the recruitment space with the help of strategic hiring processes that deliver quality candidates.

How does Safari Solutions help its clients in the journey of hiring better candidates?

At its core, Safari Solutions is a fractional or interim HR firm that partners with organizations looking to improve either their entire recruitment processes or selected steps in hiring. We target small to medium firms who have limited HR resources and are struggling to recruit talent through their own efforts. For such companies, we offer a custom package of services that fit their budget and needs. The primary goal is to make the hiring process more effective than the “do-it-yourself” model and more economical than expensive staffing and search firms.
Can you please shed some light on the approach or methodology that you employ for the recruitment process?

Here at Safari Solutions, we take a‘precision hiring’ approach to ensure candidates are intrinsically matched to our client’s search criteria. For this reason, we have formulated our unique step-by-step hiring approach, TigerEye Hiring™. It is a flexible, yet reliable recruiting process that follows a consultative approach to discover and accomplish our clients’ hiring objectives. Our team in conjunction with the client’s hiring managers clearly define the selection criteria based on key accountabilities for the position. The company’s core values are also ascertained as culture fit is paramount. After implementing a comprehensive sourcing strategy, we select viable candidates through a well-defined screening and evaluation process. Throughout the entire hiring process, we guide our clients on job descriptions, sourcing strategies, compensation and candidate evaluations so they can attract the best talent and make educated hiring decisions.

The TigerEye Hiring™ approach also forms the foundation ofour company’s sales hiring process—SalesScore™. When recruiting sales expertise, Safari Solution adds comprehensive sales specific assessments to identify candidates that have the necessary ambition and drive to be successful in sales. Our objective approach focuses on candidate quality and only those candidates who pass our stringent evaluation process are recommended to our clients.

Our dedicated team works with business owners and hiring managers to clearly define the search criteria for each specific role based on the position’s key accountabilities and in conjunction with the company’s vision, core values and culture

To bring out the story, can you share a success story with us wherein your organization has helped clients overcome their recruitment challenges, and attained desired outcomes?

We have been thriving in the HR market for two decades with multiple success stories. In one instance, we partnered with a Chicago-based SaaS company that offers a specialized 911 communications software solution. The enterprise needed to hire two inside sales professionals who could contribute effectively to the company’s growth. Safari Solutions’ hiring process successfully accomplished this hiring initiative within the client’s desired time frame. The client witnessed overwhelming sales success from the newly-hired employees and is now using these new hires as the ideal hiring profile for future recruiting efforts. Safari Solutions also helped this company hire a new sales manager who was tasked to expand and scale the sales team using these new standards.

What does the growth map of Safari Solutions look like for the coming year?

We remain committed to our unique recruitment process outsourcing strategy. In the upcoming years, we plan to grow our business and strengthen this strategy further by adding enhanced sourcing tools. We also plan to expand our SalesScore division to develop a robust database of sales talent that will prove valuable to companies that need sales talent on demand. Safari Solutions is dedicated to helping companies create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We are fulfilling our mission if our recruiting efforts deliver talented professionals who can help our clients grow and prosper