Jennifer Rozon, VP, McLean & CompanyJennifer Rozon, VP
Employee engagement programs are an essential tool in measuring and building a high performance culture. Traditionally, organizations have conducted annual or semi-annual surveys to gather employee feedback and build action plans to leverage strengths and improve priority areas. McLean & Company has been leading the way in providing organizations with more frequent feedback which allows them to not only better gauge employee engagement, but also look at engagement in the context of other, more frequently measured business indicators and outcomes. McLean’s suite of employee engagement diagnostics employs a methodology that measures engagement across the entire employee lifecycle and provides data access right down to the front-line manager. This approach assists HR in gaining enterprise-wide perspectives on engagement but also enables managers to understand the needs of their employees. McLean & Company’s employee engagement solution provides insight into the entire employee life cycle through a unified cloud-powered platform. This supports a shift to leader-driven engagement - the ongoing, dynamic management of employees.

McLean & Company is a research and advisory firm providing practical solutions to human resources challenges via executable research, tools and advice that have a clear and measurable impact on businesses. Based on a proven research framework, the firm offers a full suite of employee lifecycle diagnostics from new hire surveys to exit surveys. “Our analysts have visibility into the broader HR strategy and key initiatives of our clients. This ensures our engagement recommendations are aligned with the big picture, and also provides our clients with the tools they need to action the priority areas,” says Jennifer Rozon, Vice President of McLean & Company. Organizations purchase an annual membership plan and are provided with full access to all of the diagnostics, research, and advisory services that McLean & Company offers. This allows members to access any and all services they need, when they need them, in order to address their HR challenges. Moreover, the integrated technology enhances operational efficiency.

McLean &Company’s employee engagement solution offers HR and leadership teams a comprehensive view of the employee lifecycle in a unified cloud-powered platform

McLean & Company’s members include organizations based in North America and around the world. Tangerine–one of the firm’s clients–has been using McLean & Company’s Employee Engagement Survey, New Hire Survey, and Exit Survey to assess the complete employee lifecycle since 2014. According to Anna Hrapkova, Head of HR at Tangerine, McLean & Company’s material, “gave us tips on how to use the information, how to help managers really own their results, and own engagement in their organization.” A year ago, Tangerine introduced the monthly Employee Experience Monitor as an agile, real-time pulse check. “As an organization we pride ourselves on excellent customer experience so we also want to make sure that we deliver the same employee experience to our associates and we wanted to have a tool that would allow us to gather ongoing feedback. We call it the pulse of the organization, or Orange Pulse, and we get really good insights into what people appreciate about Tangerine as an employer and what are some of the focus areas that they would like to draw our attention to,” Hrapkova says.

“Your business isn’t static – and neither is engagement. Our data shows that while engagement is quite stable at the company level, it is extremely volatile at the individual level. By providing your leaders with ongoing employee feedback across the entire employee lifecycle, your organization can instill a culture of engagement accountability and increase manager effectiveness,” Jennifer concludes. McLean & Company’s approach to measuring employee engagement and its suite of real-time tools coupled with its step-by-step best-practice blueprints and advisory service, lead to tangible and sustained change in organizations.