Rachael Manning, Founder and CEO, manning globalRachael Manning, Founder and CEO
T he COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted business and labour market at an unprecedented level. According to the International Labour Organization, about 114 million people lost their jobs since the pandemic started in 2020. Fortunately, toward the end of 2020, the labour market experienced significant improvements as many adjusted to working from home, and some began returning to their actual workplaces. Now that different parts of the world are undergoing vaccinations, economies are gradually reopening. Companies have started rehiring to restore their pre-pandemic operational levels. The scale of staffing, recruitment, and hiring that companies have begun gave rise to a concept that industry experts call “The Great Rehire of 2021.” However, many may not be prepared and equipped to cope with the fierce talent acquisition competition as the business world emerges from the pandemic. Forward-thinking Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firms, on the other hand, have anticipated that the challenges brought by the COVID-19 will bring significant changes to the industry.

RPO is one of the fastest growing outsourced talent acquisition solutions in today’s market. Cost, qualities of hires, access to global talent, management support and workforce efficiency are all factors attracting a range of employers with different needs. Hiring statistics are showing developments due to RPO services and analyzing the key future trends and their compatibility with RPO will lead to growth oriented results. One of the RPO service providers catering to the needs of businesses in the aftermath of pandemic stricken sectors is Manning Global.

Manning Global was founded in the year 2000 by Rachael Manning with the aim of supplying cost effective and innovative staffing solutions. 19 years and 16 global entities later this still rings true. They are a branded specialist in temporary and permanent staffing, RPO, and managed services in information and communications technology, AI, big data, engineering and telecommunications internationally.

Manning Global is one of the fastest growing, globally operated staffing and Managed Services organizations. They are specialists in providing worldwide contract and permanent recruitment solutions across numerous industries, offering quality flexible project solutions for all the HR, project and consultancy needs of a firm. This is achieved by utilizing both local and international project specialists to offer the best solutions for business. By providing a one-stop staffing source covering a wide range of technical and professional skill sets, Manning Global can supply the correct know-how for every phase of a project; from planning and conception through to Implementation and roll-out. They offer sophisticated screening processes ensuring that only the most suitable solution across the technological spectrum is delivered.

Manning Global offers innovative bespoke staffing solutions offering sustainable streamlining of staffing requirements of firms. They apply their know-how either by cooperating with their customers on premise, or remotely, depending on the specific scope and thus aligning themselves within the budget caps for such a service. The company can offer solutions to be part of, develop, or solely be an external HR team, thus ensuring the business firms can concentrate on their core competencies and organisational growth. Additionally, manning global can step into the existing corporate structure and implement their processes in alignment with the client’s needs. It may only be necessary in part of the organisation, or handled as a total RPO solution to be offered throughout your business. Moreover, their dedicated account management teams work closely with the clients to develop an in-depth understanding of how their business will become an extension of their organisation. Manning Global has a partnership approach which focuses on increasing efficiencies by taking away the headache of compliance and legal burden, offering Due Diligence and RPO solutions to significantly reduce costs.

Manning Global is one of the fastest growing, globally operated staffing and Managed Services organizations

By managing the entire recruitment lifecycle Manning Global can generate sustainable talent for businesses by using comprehensive interview techniques and assessment tools, thus ensuring overheads and associated costs are vastly reduced. They also help in increasing the talent pipeline by attracting and hiring high-quality talent through candidate engagement. Manning Global also specialises in providing businesses with skilled professionals on a contingency basis, sourcing highly￾skilled candidates best fit for a client’s hiring needs by resorting to their temporary and permanent staffing services. Furthermore, their hybrid RPO solutions are customized to compliment the client’s current processes and can be adapted to their evolving requirements. Quality services like these enable Manning Global to stand apart from other RPO service providers in the market.