Joanne Urena,Paralegal,Yen-Yi Anderson,Founderand Principal,Gloria D'souza,Immigration Associate, Anderson and AssociatesJoanne Urena,Paralegal,Yen-Yi Anderson,Founderand Principal,Gloria D'souza,Immigration Associate
In a time when increasingly dynamic and complex laws defy the immigrant life in the U.S., there’s one fact that authorities tend to neglect—the success of immigrants directly powers the country’s growth. Needless to say, one of the major drivers for the nation’s prominent position in science and technology is its talented immigrants. Reports state that immigrants constitute 17 percent of the civilian labor force in the U.S. in 2019. As the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) puts it, the U.S. holds the prime position in receiving foreign direct investment, supporting over 7.8 million jobs and $66.9 billion in research and development.

While these stats hold true when you consider the country’s long history of accepting immigrants, things are a lot different today. Constant regulatory changes and political policy swings put the U.S. in a tough spot when it comes to immigration, escalating the hardship for businesses planning for the global mobility of their workforce and potential investment. To put things into perspective, the policies implemented by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) during the previous administration negatively impacted its revenue and efficiency, leading to a massive increase in processing time. Not just that, closures and limited visa processing services at U.S. consular posts stagnated global mobility. In times like these, what international companies, highly skilled workers, and investors need is a reliable partner that holds in-depth know-how and experience with the whirlwind of immigration changes and handholds them through the entire legal process.

Enter Anderson and Associates.

Anderson and Associates is a leading legal practice based in New York that specializes in providing best-in-class, cost-effective solutions for legal problems and the consummation of complex transactions for a wide range of businesses and individual clients. Having a dedicated team of lawyers, the company meets the immigration, civil litigation, contracts, and complex transactional needs of established and newly emerging businesses.

“We always strive to establish positive, mutually beneficial, and fair relationships for a flourishing network of ambitious, entrepreneurial clients,” says Yen-Yi Anderson, Founder and Principal, Anderson and Associates. “We help fortify them from legal risks by providing the benefits of deeply rooted legal support through highly personalized knowledge and expertise in the relevant areas of law.”

With our attorneys having extensive experience in these practice areas, we excel in offering a suite of comprehensive and practical legal solutions to our clients while building a collaborative relationship based on trust and respect

Starting Small; Dreaming Big

Anderson and Associates is the result of Yen-Yi’s passion for simplifying legal procedures for business, immigration, acquisition, and private clients. Having worked as an in-house lawyer in a leading media company in New York, she identified the need for a full-time legal practice that can help businesses and individuals seamlessly navigate their legal journey in an efficient and cost-effective way. In 2014, Yen-Yi established Anderson and Associates as a one-person firm with just a handful of clients, primarily from the media sector. Her expertise and experience as a lawyer, coupled with her remarkable entrepreneurship and leadership skills, soon took the firm to greater heights, with a competitive edge in the space.

Today, Anderson and Associates is a small but agile legal practice with a team of 11 attorneys and staff known for their prowess in fulfilling clients’ legal needs, irrespective of their size. From its humble beginnings, the firm has now evolved into a full-service firm serving a wide client base that encompasses individuals, technology companies, eCommerce, construction, nonprofits, universities, and churches, to name a few. Adhering closely to its core principle of “one case, one victory at a time,” Anderson and Associates provides individual attention and customized solutions to its clients, helping them achieve the best possible outcomes.

A One-Stop Shop for Legal Needs

As a full-service legal practice, Anderson and Associates covers all aspects of individuals’ and businesses’ legal journeys. From business and corporation to intellectual property, labor and employment, civil litigation, real estate, and immigration, the company has left no stone unturned in helping its clients. “With our attorneys having extensive experience in these practice areas, we excel in offering a suite of comprehensive and practical legal solutions to our clients while building a collaborative relationship based on trust and respect,” mentions immigration associate Gloria D’Souza.

For example, clients can leverage Anderson and Associates’ expertise in real estate laws to negotiate and draft contracts, obtain necessary property rights and permits, and represent them in dispute resolution. Similarly, the firm can help clients with their corporate formation and corporate governance. Not just that, the attorneys at Anderson and Associates are well trained to assist business clients with all forms of transactions they engage in, from start to finish.

Anderson and Associates features a diverse labor and employment practice safeguarding employers’ interests when hiring employees. It encompasses employment and independent contractor arrangements, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, and employment policy development and compliance. When it comes to immigration, the company covers a wide range of areas—from counselling international companies on business-related immigration laws to representing individuals who wish to work in the country. Anderson and Associates’ team of lawyers are experts in a multitude of cases, including B, E, F, H, I, J, K, L, O-1, P-3, R-1, TN Visas; EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4, EB5; Labor Certification (PERM); Family Immigration; Adjustment of Status; Consular Processing; and Naturalization (Citizenship Petition).

Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Anderson and Associates ensures that its dedicated team of lawyers provides sophisticated, business-minded services to clients that will help them get the right results, irrespective of how complex, contentious, or critical the task is. “We are always on a mission to meet our clients’ needs in the most professional, ethical, efficient, and perfect manner possible,” adds Yen-Yi.

What gives Anderson and Associates an edge over the competition is its customer-first approach built around transparency, compassion, and dedication towards success. A typical client engagement at Anderson and Associates begins with its team gaining a holistic understanding of their needs. Oftentimes, Yen-Yi takes the lead in sitting with clients, listening to their challenges, and identifying their requirements. Based on this information, the company provides preeminent legal services that ensure a high level of integrity. The firm goes a step ahead by educating its staff and clients on the recent changes in the legal space through thought leadership.

By having a collaborative work culture in place, Anderson and Associates ensures that its attorneys check each other’s work for utmost perfection and accuracy. The firm also performs introspective assessments to identify and rectify the gaps in its processes, making it the go-to partner for several clients across the globe. “At Anderson and Associates, we employ a diverse team with people from Taiwan, India, China and U.S., helping clients feel comfortable while collaborating with us,” says Yen-Yi.

Ensuring Hassle-Free Immigrations

With such capabilities, Anderson and Associates has now evolved into a more systematically and strategically organized law firm that serves clients globally. Recently, the company helped one of its clients—an elderly Japanese woman—to travel back to the U.S. and renew her green card. The client was stuck in Japan for more than two years due to the pandemic-induced travel restrictions, and eventually, her green card expired. Migrated to the U.S. more than four decades ago, Japan was more like a foreign land for her, and she was in dire need of returning to the U.S.
  • We always strive to establish positive, mutually beneficial, and fair relationships for a flourishing network of ambitious, entrepreneurial clients

The attorneys at Anderson and Associates worked with the client to help her renew the green card and travel to the U.S. hassle-free by handholding her through the entire legal process. The company went the extra mile, offering her unrivaled in-person support to make sure that she is physically and mentally stable to travel. “After reaching the U.S., the client appreciated the work we’ve done and called us miracle workers,” says Joanne Urena, paralegal.

Moving ahead, Anderson and Associates is forming a progressive growth plan. Determined to maintain the agility and mutual understanding of the team, they have decided to stay small, with their team not exceeding 20 members. Anderson and Associates also has plans to enhance its value proposition by adding new services to its portfolio. For instance, as the demand for H-2B visas is on the rise today, the company is looking forward to incorporating H-2B visas into its service suite and hiring experts as well as supporting staff. By zealously practicing U.S. business and immigration law, the firm hopes to cultivate a more just, brighter future for all.”We always strive to position ourselves as the leader in addressing clients’ needs by understanding the ever-changing legal landscape,” concludes Yen-Yi.