Wael Salloum & Iyad Hafez, Group Managing Partners , Staff ArabiaWael Salloum & Iyad Hafez, Group Managing Partners
World-renowned personalities such as Satya Nadella, Tim Cook, Sheryl Sandberg, and Jeff Weiner are wonderful examples of how an executive can help their company grow exponentially and cater to modern-day consumer demands. Needless to say, the selection of an executive could be a matter of success and failure for any organization. Though searching for the perfect executive for a company is an arduous task, simplifying it for HR professionals are executive search firms. From finding executives to enabling smooth onboarding, these firms support talent acquisition teams to onboard the most suitable candidates. Amongst the plethora of HRO service providers in MENA, one company that has consolidated its position as a behemoth in executive search is Cairo-based Staff Arabia. The firm is a leading HRO service provider that functions as a one-stop partner for its clients in their HR, staffing, payroll, and back-office outsourcing operations.

Under its umbrella of services, Staff Arabia offers specialized services that comprehensively cover all quintessential operations of a typical HR team. The company’s HRO solutions assist its clients in searching for the most suitable talent and accomplishing their HR objectives. Staff Arabia has a large team of industry experts and a vast network of well-geared offices with data banks, resources, and expertise to identify top talents. With over two decades of operational experience, Staff Arabia is a revered member of MENA’s business ecosystem and hailed for delivering exceptional results in staffing and multi-outsourcing services. The company houses multi-cultural and multi-national teams of seasoned HR wizards with highly skilled and experienced consultants. Staff Arabia houses specialized divisions that cater to specific industries, conduct relevant searching, screening, and assessment processes, and offer customized services. Considering that business arenas are highly competitive and transforming everyday, Staff Arabia supports its clients by offering local as well as global expertise and reach, tailoring its executive search services to different industries, such as Engineering & Constructions, Power & Energy, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Marketing, and more.

Staff Arabia is an expert in headhunting that sources candidates for senior, executive, and other highly specialized positions in any organization. The company conducts carefully curated assessments after discussing confidentially with its clients their objectives and expectations.
Staff Arabia’s executive search operations ensure maximum outcomes in accordance with clients’ needs, organizational structure, and work culture. Owing to such industry-centric services, Staff Arabia, over the years, has served several industry behemoths, such as NOKIA, Bonatti, Honeywell, Domino’s, Uber, Pfizer, and Siemens.
  • Staff Arabia is an expert in headhunting that sources candidates for senior, executive, and other highly specialized positions in any organization.

To Automak Automotive, a Kuwait-based car rental brand, Staff Arabia proved a highly reliable agency that provided it with CVs at the requested time frame and with very high proficiency levels. Tim Hortons, a Canada-based fast-food chain, partnered with Staff Arabia to conduct a well-organized recruitment campaign and high skilled workers. The company has scripted similar success stories with many clients, ensuring the success of its executive search processes. Staff Arabia’s outstanding network, customer-centric approach, and reputation have placed several executives in senior positions across MENA, allowing the region’s businesses to grow substantially and adapt to changing market scenarios. In years to come, it is evident that Staff Arabia will take center stage in ensuring the placement of appropriate candidates across several organizations, helping them strengthen their management and improve their competitive edge.