Putting together an effective talent acquisition is a comparatively complicated task for an employer, considering the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in decades and the large talent market; let’s check some interesting facts in this regard

Fremont, CA: In today's economy, majority of the organizations have accepted the fact that business strategy execution is more effective when they have the right talent in place. As the New Year unravels, the unemployment rate has been recorded to be the lowest in decades, and businesses are hurry modifying their talent acquisition strategy to attract the best in class applications. A recent survey revealed that 50 percent of the 234 U.S. companies that were surveyed are looking to upgrade their talent acquisition strategies in the years to come. An inefficient transition of talent acquisition can cost the company both in time and money, neither of which the companies can afford. 

Three ways to adapt the talent acquisition strategy to hire quality talent are:

Focus on Employer Branding:

Employer branding is a critical step for attracting the kind of talent that would positively impact an organization’s reputation. The majority of today's candidates are being discovered through online registrations. In partnership with marketing, businesses can utilize their websites and social media platforms to build a sharp employer image, which in turn helps to attract quality talent and achieve long-term success. 

Modernize the Means of Communication with the Candidates:

On the note for communicating better with the Gen Z applicants, employers are now adopting methods like texting the applicants the information and details about the hiring procedures. This method works with Gen Z, as they are more technologically savvy. They are also known for having a short attention span and for quickly losing interest. If the employers communicate via text, they are likely to receive a quicker response from the candidates. This allows the hiring process to be functional and efficient while still keeping the candidate interested. For employers, it is crucial to wholly understand the candidates as a part of its talent acquisition strategy. It is a better plan to attract best talent rather than adapt the company strategy to fit the likes of potential candidates. 

Eliminate the Lengthy Hiring Process: 

Historically, the hiring process has been lengthy and detailed; the overall experience of interviewing takes a lot of time. Qualified candidates, when mixed with all the other applicants to undergo the lengthy procedure, would be a problem in the long run. The disgruntled candidate will, more often than not, confide about their experience as reviews on sites such as Glassdoor, Linkedin, and other social media platforms. For businesses, this can go on a downslide, causing far more damage to the company's brand and reputation than it did in the past, before the invention of the internet.

By focusing on employer branding, adapting to ingenious methods of communication, and getting rid of the outdated hiring processes, seamless talent acquisition can be achieved.

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