Stayput Insurance, founded by Quad M Solutions, provides advanced insurance options to nudge employees toward retirement savings.

FREMONT, CA: "We are thrilled to launch Stayput Insurance and offer innovative insurance products that benefit not only the burgeoning GIG economy workers but also for those workers nearing retirement and their employers," comments Kogan. Quad M Solutions has introduced its new subsidiary, Stayput Insurance, which will provide innovative insurance products for the burgeoning GIG economy workforce and corporations and municipalities across the country to alleviate the critical labor shortage.

"Our products will help address the challenging issues faced by municipalities and corporations while also ensuring that experienced workers receive the financial incentives they deserve for extending their employment," adds Kogan.

According to a recent survey by the National League of Cities, the poor impact on quality of life caused by social turmoil and the lingering effects of the pandemic is causing over sixty percent of municipal employees to contemplate early retirement. The early retirement of senior personnel is also causing severe labor shortages in the private sector. According to a report by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, the labor shortage caused by early retirements will cost the U.S. economy $3,3 trillion in lost productivity over the next two decades.

Stayput Insurance is a subsidiary of Quad M Solutions, in which Mr. Yakov Kogan serves as the president. The products of Stayput Insurance are meant to solve these crucial labor challenges by encouraging senior workers nearing retirement to extend their employment for a further five years, thereby giving financial benefits to both the employee and the business. The company's solutions enable municipalities and corporations to purchase an annuity product that boosts pension payouts, motivating workers to defer retirement and assisting municipalities and corporations in retaining their most experienced employees to bridge the talent gap. Individuals will be encouraged to invest in their future and financial security by offering GIG economy workers options such as Indexed Universal Life policies.

Sheila F. Gaylor, a highly regarded industry veteran with 45 years of experience, will join Stayput Insurance as a Strategic Adviser to give guidance and oversight of the many insurance product verticals. Mrs. Gaylor just joined the exceptional team of producers at Keyes Coverage after more than three decades of Space Coast, Florida, insurance business ownership.

Since 1975, Keyes Coverage, located in Tamarac, Florida, has been one of the state's largest privately held, independent insurance businesses. Keyes Coverage became a strategic Platform Partner with Keystone Agency Partners (KAP) in 2022. Keystone Agency Partners (KAP) is the second-fastest growing independent insurance brokerage in the United States.