Developments in any organization can be attributed to the value created by the human resource management team, yet the HR department is considered to work as a back-end operator. However, the voice of strategy development viewed as the goal of the HR executives, which is one of the significant factors demonstrating the efforts of an HR in having a positive impact on the performance of the organization

Fremont, CA: The HR association has a huge membership base. The society of the Human Resource management accounts to have 350,000 members in the U.S. alone, the talent acquisition association accounts to have about 35,000 members. Along with the massive number, the HR sector is likely to serve its function in any organization to achieve the objectives by positioning itself as a contributor to make a difference for the growth of the organization.

The significant change in the technology for the Human Resource department has created an opportunity for the HRs to establish themselves as an essential part of the workforce development. However, in order to become the voice in strategy building, the HRs must redefine their role.

• Managing Ones Owns Profile as HR:

In the most recent years, the employee - HR interaction is majorly taking place with the help of the HR portals, wherein the employees manage their HR profile by themselves. These portals allow the employees to plan everything on their own without discussing it with the HR team about the same.

This has made the employees have better education on the employee benefit, thereby releasing the HRs from their task of answering the employee questions to motivate them to pursue a different avenue for creating value for the organization. The HR team must redefine its role within an organization from being the administrative cost to becoming a value creator at the same time.

The Way to Strategy Relevance: 

It is necessary for the Human Resource Executives to have a proper understanding of the profit drivers of a particular industry as well as where the industry is headed. This will allow the HR executives to reframe their point of view of HR's function. This will also help in identifying where HRs can have a positive impact on the company, thereby learning to work effectively with the competitive landscape of the organization.

In order to achieve the goal define above, the HRs must take a step out of the HR function and adopt the mindset of a consultant. A consultant mindset will help the HR executives to identify the area of discrepancy in an organization, thereby identifying the ways that can improve the performance of the company and hence reduce resource wastage. Having proper knowledge about the work will add to the company's profitability and work with the employees to identify the potentiality and methods of improvement. This is how the HR team can add to the organization's competitiveness.

• Learn to Unlock Values:

One of the significant factors is the adoption of the "work with" approach to building a relationship with the managers across the company. This further involves having proper information regarding the core functionality of the organization, thereby seeking improvement.

The HR executives must also learn to leverage the technology to unlock high value for the firms, which will bring in the best candidates to the organization, who can add their expertise to contribute towards the growth of the organization.

One of the best tools to identify the high potential applicants is the Applicant tracking system (ATS). The algorithms based on the Job description helps in identifying candidates with a similar skill set, thereby shortlisting the CVs and forwarding them to the hiring managers. The use of ATS ensures that the shortlisted CV and the candidates have relevant skillsets required for the position and that no biases can have any negative impact on the proffered applicant pool.

This helps the HRs to represent the organization in a professional way and acquire the best talent required for the position in the organization, who can work for the benefit and can be an asset to the organization.

• Data-Driven Development:

The HR managers must adopt predictive analytics that can help the organization to identify ways to achieve a high turnover in any position, the right time to hire for the area, and the reason why the specific job needs a long time to perform.

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