From recruiting, onboarding to employee training, the tools of artificial intelligence can transform the work process of human resource department.

FREMONT, CA: “To AI or not to AI” may still be the question for many institutions, but some are already on the band wagon. HR leaders and executives believe that merging artificial intelligence (AI) into the HR department will improve the overall employee experience and will also streamline the work of the HR team.

Recruitment and Onboarding

One of the major works done by the HR team includes recruiting relevant candidates for any position. Additional to resume review Hr team also have to do several tasks such as scheduling interviews and sending reminders for reporting. If this process is automated, then it will save the precious time of the HR team and will also make the whole process more convenient. A wise combination of human engagement and automation implies greater efficiency and timely delivery of information and correspondence. The other advantage of AI recruiters is that it does not show biased behaviors in short-listing candidates.

These AI-based tools will also speed-up the recruitment process. With the help of these tools, a new employee reaching his desk can find all further hire information in an app or on his laptop, with all details. At the same time, creating mechanized systems that will answer all of a new employee’s queries are ideas that are changing the way routine administrative tasks are done at institutions.

Mechanizing Repetitive Tasks

AI-based tools can help the HR team by performing routine administrative tasks. This releases HR teams from the burden of cumbersome routine, involving repetitive low-value tasks and allows them time to focus on more productive and strategic work. Most of the time, HR professionals waste their time in a lot of repetitive activities, which is time-consuming. AI-powered employee helpdesk and HR bot will solve all these problems.

Learning & Development

Usually, in all the organizations, all the skilling and learning process is led by the HR department, but now AI-based programs can replace these HR professionals. AI tools can easily support the developing skills of the employees. This process will save the time of the HR team, which they can use to do some other work.

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