Recruiting talent for your organization can be daunting: your team may connect with random people via recruitment platforms, but if you can use the right recruitment marketing strategy, the process might get much easier.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

There is a difference between recruitment marketing and recruitment. Recruitment is about searching for talent, while recruitment marketing is about bringing talents to you and retaining them, and it also includes promoting the company and its culture.  Recruitment marketing is a strategy used by talent acquisition: HR and marketing professionals.

“Social media can be more effective than other methods of attracting talent and promoting your organization and culture.”

The Importance of Recruitment Marketing for Employers

Nowadays, candidates can become aware of an employer and the career opportunities by reading reviews, searching online, and following social media. For e.g., your company’s mission and culture can influence a candidate’s decision to apply for a job or accept an offer for employment, or even form a negative perception and become a brand detractor. The old way of transactional recruiting simply doesn’t work anymore. Today’s candidates can simply discover and consider employers the same way consumers find products, hotels, and restaurants online.

Strategies for Recruitment Marketing to Attract the Best Talent:

• Improving your website vis vacancies page

Your company website is the first impression that most job seekers make of your organization. That’s why they should be able to clearly define and understand what you do, your mission, and your service, and then be able to easily navigate to more information about your company's organizational culture and the available job opportunities.

• Boost your organization's visibility on job boards

You can promote job ads on job boards; this way, your ad can appear at the top of the search before other ads in a long list. This could increase the chances that your post will be read instead of competitors’ posts.

• Make your brand more attractive on social media

Social media can be more effective than other methods of attracting talent and promoting your organization and culture. Show your current employees' online experiences by sharing your organization's activities, whether it's an internal company event, a feature your employees enjoy, or an example of the company's charitable work.

Stages of the Recruitment Marketing Funnel:

• Awareness

• Engagement and active search

• Expression of interest

• Application

Recruitment marketing focuses on the top half of the hiring funnel with the goal of driving candidates further down the talent pipeline. Functions of recruitment marketing include generating awareness, creating interest, eliciting consideration, and inspiring prospective candidates to pursue open job opportunities. After the recruitment marketing stage ends, now the applicant enters to the final stage of the hiring funnel: Screening – Interview and Evaluation – Offer – Hire.