Hiring in the human resources sector is expected to be rapid over the next few years. Here are some of the most in-demand HR specialties.

FREMONT, CA: Human resource departments do different jobs, including from recruiting to training to compensation, and it can also focus on a single human resources specialty. The function of the HR team depends on the size of an organization. In small companies, there are just one human resources generalist or human resources manager, but in larger organizations, human resources management duties are divided among several areas, including employment and placement, labor relations; recruitment; and training and development.

Here are some of the famous specialist human resources jobs in the market:

1. Compensation and benefits managers

HR professionals create, develop, execute, and administer a company's rewards and benefits policies. It includes salaries, bonuses, pensions, life insurance and sometimes medical insurance packages. The required qualification to get this job is a bachelor's degree in human resources management, a masters degree will also help. The other requirement is to have at least five years of experience in the field. Those who fulfill these criteria are paid well per year.

2. Employee assistance plan managers

The HR professionals who work to improve are sometimes employee safety and wellness and enhance work-life balance are called with familiar names like employee welfare managers, manager of work, or work-life managers. They have to manage occupational safety and health standards and practices, health and physical fitness plans, medical examinations, and counseling services. To get this job a bachelor's degree and usually, a master's in human resources management is required. Most of the companies also demand five years of HR experience.

3. Employment, recruitment and placement specialists

Recruitment and placement specialists are commonly known as recruiters, as they recruit workers. If needed, they also travel to job fairs and college campuses to find promising job aspirants. They may also interview and test applicants and may check references and extend job offers. The expected degrees in this field are bachelor's degrees in psychology or business management.

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