FREMONT, CA: Gamification is usually described as the application of game elements to non-game contexts. In simpler terms, gamification takes the characteristics we like about games and adds them to everyday actions to make them more interesting. 

The game elements leverage the interest for competition and reward and encourage certain actions. By changing the way people think about behavior, gamification can change people’s habits. Gamification encourages behavior with instant positive feedback. Instant positive feedback makes the employees feel good about completing something and motivates them to do gamiit again. The users are awarded with badges for the actions they complete. It helps to increase user management and enhances physical and mental skills. Several organizations have recognized the significance of gamification in HR that bring about internal improvements which are part of their corporate culture.

Gamification in HR is useful to improve the efficacy of processes such as training and onboarding. Gamification in training the employees helps to cater what the employees already know and thus it helps to boost engagement. The best performers will get rewarded with badges that will be displayed to their coworkers. The earlier they can see progress, the more eager they will be to participate further.

Gamification builds healthy competition among workers. From a management perspective, using the elements of gamification can give a chance to the users to see who is flourishing in a certain subject. This would not only foster healthy competition but also speed up the overall process of recruitment. Adopting this technology ensures an optimistic and secure workplace. When employees realise that their success matters and incentives will be provided properly, they will look forward to participate positively in the games. This is one of the main motives behind employing this technology within the companies.

If designed properly, gamification can be very successful in engaging people and motivating them to change behaviors, develop skills or to  solve problems. No matter the end goal, gamification adds clarity and inject fun into corporate life.

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