Evotix offers EHS Academy to support current and future leaders in the health and safety industry.

FREMONT, CA: All employees must receive environmental, health, and safety (EHS) training, and in the event of trade-specific training, certain groups of employees must receive specialized training on their job tasks. Such training is required for all industries. EHS training assists employees in bridging the skill gap. EVOTIX, a global leader in EHS and well-being software, has come up with the Evotix Academy, an EHS training manual designed to assist health and safety executives in their quest to transform their business. This innovation strengthens Evotix's position as a comprehensive, best-in-class health and safety solution for all industries.

“Evotix EHS Academy is designed to fill a crucial gap in training available to those that want to move beyond textbook material and instead want to become safety leaders and champions within their organizations,” states Matthew Elson, CEO of Evotix. “Specific training such as how to conduct a forklift inspection or the regulations applying to working at height exist, but nowhere is there a concise, practical guide to those who lead the function, whether new or experienced, about what it takes to be an effective EHS leader.”

Through thousands of client interactions, Evotix detected a deficiency in the health and safety leaders' training capabilities and opportunities.

The Evotix EHS Academy provides information and tools to develop the self-assurance required to place EHS at the operations center. These micro-learning courses support EHS professionals, leadership teams, and change agents who champion health and safety within their teams regardless of their level.

This online program enables participants to lead workshops and organize discussions with executive teams regarding the most essential and comprehensive EHS issues confronting businesses. After completing the course, participants access an EHS toolkit for educating and engaging employees and coworkers.

The EHS Academy provides essential tools and resources for a health and safety workplace and a step-by-step manual for launching and integrating cutting-edge EHS software. The EHS Academy consists of knowledge of health and safety, including the ability to identify and minimize hazards and risks, the significance of incident management, and the development of a reporting mindset. Health and safety professionals must exhibit the necessary leadership qualities to have productive dialogues with stakeholders and affect organizational change.

After completing the Evotix EHS Academy, learners will comprehend the consequences of not prioritizing the health and safety of individuals. The Academy will assist users in identifying and discussing their organization's health and safety maturity and teaching others, including company leadership and employees, that health and safety are essential.

Evotix, a significant provider of health and safety SaaS solutions, focuses on boosting workplace health and safety by providing innovative and engaging technology integrated into the daily flow of activity. Evotix offers a comprehensive health and safety management system spanning all aspects. Online and mobile-first, the solution is designed for speedy and effortless use on the spot. With Evotix, issues can be recorded and shared in a matter of minutes, actions can be followed until completion, and underlying trends may be analyzed.