A Penna study from 2015 found that 70 percent of HR Directors said that gamification was not used in their workplace at all. And by 2018, TalentLMS data still revealed that around half of employees had yet to experience gamification in the workplace

FREMONT, CA: Gamification is the use of gaming mechanics, such as achievement badges or leaderboards to promote or motivate its users. The users will most likely use the application again or engage with it if they enjoy the experience.

The concept of gamification goes back to 2002. However, businesses today are still doubtful and unclear on how to implement it in their workplaces to hire new members, train employees and get feedback.

Gamification might not be the best fit for all companies considering the profile of their employees. And although there is no assurance of success, it is something that employers should consider taking a more serious note on.

Here are three ways to use gamification to engage employees:

Learning and Development

Utilizing gamification in the workplace helps in learning and development. In a study from Harvard Business School in 2019, it emphasized on the effective use of gamification for learning at work. It found that applying gamification during the learning process had a substantial effect on the employees’ desire to not only involve learning but also complete the programs more regularly.

Employee Wellbeing

By turning physical activity into a competition, gamification also can improve physical wellbeing. Projects such as Step Ahead: Zombies use gamification to encourage activity in the workplace. It includes a walking challenge, where participants have to escape a virtual zombie invasion, and the zombies catch those who don’t walk enough. The project developers have said that 20 per cent of improvement in employee engagement was common among participating organizations.

Employee Feedback

Gamification can have a significant impact on the quality of feedback a company collects from its employees. Gathering feedback is essential to understanding an organization’s workforce. By stimulating employees, they will likely provide regular and useful feedback on their work and ethics.

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