When used efficiently, pre-employment screening is a powerful tool in the recruitment process as it offers a wide range of benefits, making hiring simple and providing better candidate experiences.

FREMONT, CA: Pre-employment screening, or pre-employment testing, is an extremely powerful tool for recruitment. It is hugely beneficial when companies are flooded with huge numbers of applications for every role. Almost every firm uses pre-employment screening to assist employers in filtering out candidates and eliminating unsuitable candidates. It consists of short questionnaires and helps determine whether a potential candidate meets the criteria of the job role. Pre-employment testing plays a vital role in the recruitment process as it provides organisations a wide range of benefits.

Hire Faster

Pre-employment screening is automated, which makes it operate much faster than manual assessment. This helps employers focus on important matters to receive contracts out quickly.

Reduce Applicants Lost to Competitors

Screening massive numbers of applicants slows companies down. Moreover, the longer time taken to hire leads to a loss of candidates. Better staff are quickly hired, especially for highly competitive, high-volume positions like call centre representatives, wait staff, or care providers. Utilising pre-employment screening helps to prioritise the top candidates first.

Provide Better Candidate Experience

While carrying out recruitment processes for many people, delivering a great candidate experience is difficult. Pre-employment screening enables companies to make faster decisions and provide closure. For example, killer questions prevent applicants from wasting time on an application they never proceed with.


Pre-employment assessments are extremely cost-effective as they save time on recruitment and cut down on cost-per-hire. It also protects organisations from the excessive cost of a bad hire.

Protects from Risk

Pre-employment screening, particularly due diligence testing, is important to protect businesses from risk. With increased employee theft issues in the retail or care sectors, unqualified workers can render liability insurance null and void. Thus, pre-employment testing helps investigate candidates’ background details and hire accordingly.

Avoids Needless Training and Onboarding Spend

Much of the staff turnover occurs during the first two months. This possibility can increase further, given how many high-volume industries are vulnerable to rate-based churn. Hiring better candidates who truly understand their role and are culturally fit protects companies from turnover caused by small rate increases. Therefore, investment in people is more likely to pay off.

Safeguards Against Cultural Erosion

There is a great overlap between high-turnover and high-volume industries. It is an adverse effect, as turnover increases rapidly, eroding values and principles that damage team culture.

Back-Up Confidence

Although turnover is extensively observed in high-volume industries, there is a fine line between what is acceptable and unacceptable. Pre-employment testing provides data to assist with hiring decisions. This helps to show evidence to support a company’s actions when any kind of resistance occurs.